IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Hey I was wondering where are some places where I go get airline routes like for example if I wanted to look up all of southwest’s flight routes. Does anyone know how its best to go about getting that information? Kind of like flight aware but all flights offered by the airline.

Although not the best source, Wikipedia has a list of routes if you go to the
Wiki of said airline

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I. Love. The. New. Website.

It. Is. Amazing. like. o m g


Thanks. We have some cool stuff planned for the future! The website opens up the ability to add a lot of new features :)


Yes I love the new website also.

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Check your email. It may be in your spam folder.

Can the CEO of a VA/VO take more than 1 staff positions?

A CEO may only be a staff member in one VA, which ultimately is the VA they are in charge of.

Can you be a staff member in 2 vas?

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Yes, as long as you are not a CEO.


Are they allowed to have more then one staff position in their own VA/VO?



Ok. Thanks!

Patience plays a big part in creating a VA.


When I applied to get the ATC Education Group approved in early 2018, it took me 31 days to get approved. Patience. Now the process is dramatically different and faster, pretty awesome you can review the process on ifvarb.com live now.


Just curious, I applied on the website about a week ago and havent heard anything about anything. If someone can look into this please? Let me know if I need to work on anything etc etc.

Thank You Flare911

Where is the current blacklist?

We have lives, as I’ve said above, be patient.

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If you’re going to create a VA and want to make a new account for it, is there a way to become a member right away so you could post the VA?

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