IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

The next time you ask, you’ll be restarting the process after waiting 45 days. If you don’t have the patience to go through the review process, you certainly don’t have the patience to be a CEO.


To get my first staff member on the thread it took me around two or three weeks, and now two months in I now have around ten staff from the thread, along with four of my friends as staff too.


Is there anywhere where I can recruit a CEO for a possible VA i want to start?

So the thinking behind it is that you would own the airline, but have someone run the operations?

Negative. Im looking for a person who is looking to possibly start their own VA. Here’s the thing, Im looking for help, I have a VA in mind and I want to start it up but a right that right hand guy

Yes, the abbreviation you’re looking for is COO. You can use this thread but only when you meet the requirements to post on the thread.


Reevaluate your marketing strategy to maximize your potential of attracting staff members into your VO/VA, if you don’t get any responses.


Can VAs and VOs have Merchandise stores?

From what I know, as long as it’s not advertised on the forum, yes of course.

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Just remember that if you are doing so that you can not monetize the logo or branding of the airline you are representing.

For example, AAVA can not sell shirts with the AA logo on them unless they have express consent to do so from the real-life airline (which is very very unlikely going to be given). A VA can not make money from the logo or likeness of a real-life airline without that agreement or there can be some VERY serious consequences and very likely a lawsuit (even if small).

Creative ways to get around this in marketing is only using words rather than a logo. but you can not use any phrases or marketing ideas from the real-world airline as they are likely copyrighted as well.


Good point on @mwe2187 behalf.

Is a non-approved VA allowed to use their VA-callsigns, and are they allowed to log flights?(Only staff, no pilots)

Does anybody know if it’s allowed?

I would say yes, nothing wrong with starting operations.

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Would be a good way to troubleshoot things and prepare for new pilots. :)

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Alright, thank you!

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I have been approved by the IFVARB and the Review Team is currently working with me. When am I able to start recruiting Staff and Pilots on the IFC?

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Once they tell you that you’re certified, you can then begin recruiting and public advertising.


Thank you!

I’m quite confident that you are not allowed to hold a fourm account for your Virtual Airline until you have been approved and certified by IFVARB.

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