IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread


If you are not a member/admin of the Ifvarb, and you’re not exactly sure about an answer, then you shouldn’t be replying here. Let someone who knows what the rules are answer the questions posted. That means that really, only 10 people should be answering questions on this thread. Providing false information does not do anyone good…

To answer this question once and for all, there really are no start up costs in VAs. You don’t need to pay for domains and things like that to be a great VA. Some of the best VAs use Weebly or other website builder based domains. However if you are going to go and pay for something, you may not force anyone to pay for anything. If you do, your VA will be shut down.


Thank you @Chris_Hoover
That has answered my question.

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Can i create my own IFVA ?

Anyone can create a virtual airline. To get started, view our information thread linked below.


Thankyou so much …

Is Luxair Virtual still open there account is suspended. Also you are not in the database anymore.

Instead of asking here, you might get a faster reply by PMing the CEO.

Luxair Virtual was shut down by the IFVARB administration team. That’s why they are currently not in the database.

Can i promoted my VA when my VA done be created ?

Furthermore, if you have any other questions regarding Luxair Virtual, PM the current CEO @Toshiki

I have a question, not really about VA’s but about the Staff request. If you are no longer able to edit the staff request thread for your VA and you need to edit it, could you make a duplicate?

Yes you may.

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Ok Thanks!

Please also flag the first one so mods can remove the post.


48-72 hours.

This afternoon would make 72 hours so I was just checking to make sure nothing is wrong.

No. Administrations have lives outside of IF.

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I understand.

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So I have a little question, I got an email 3 days ago saying that my VA would be approved in 48-72 hours and I sent in my VA over 72 Hours ago. Not a big deal. Just was wondering if I need to do something else or not. (My VA is ready to launch, all I have to do is copy and paste the thread code from a google document and hit the button.)


VA name: Tanistic Air

Your VA hasn’t even entered the IFVARB certification process yet. Your VA will be given admin approval and you will recieve a message once that has happened. You then must go through all three review stages and once a leader/admin has given you the go ahead, you may then get your VA going publicly.