IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Great! Thanks very much.

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Happy to help with!

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How’s things. Just confirming if EIVA is being worked on? I would like to make a start on it but don’t want to pull through with it if someone is already on it.

Thank you

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Aer Lingus Virtual is in the making, our admins will check the database when they can and wether proceed the applications or not.

Thanks for your understanding.


Is it allowed to put up and ad that you’re searching for staff before you’re VA has been published?
Since I’m looking for people to help me with building the VA.

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You may use the perspective staff thread once your VA has been moved into the review phrase with the IFVARB. :)

That seems quite helpful, though, at the moment I’m looking for people to BUILD the VA so I would not be allowed to ask in that thread since I’m not under review or IFVARB approved.

Still, thanks for showing me that!

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Hey there! Just wondering the average time it takes for admin a approval when applying for a VA since the IFVARB website says

Typically, an application will be reviewed within 48 to 72 hours, however, sometimes that can be higher due to various circumstances with the Admin team being available.

In the email i received as conformation it says it may take up to a week! In my case its been over a week now so it would be good to have a update on what’s happening regarding the application. Ive two IFVARB members with no reply so i figured id use here?

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We try to remain within the posted time frame, however like the the statement above states, wait times can run a little longer depending on various circumstances. We will get to your application as soon as we can.

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thank you for the update

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What does Our Internal Education For Pilots (and/or controllers) mean for the Operations Plan?

If anyone could help, thanks.

Does it mean like what education do you provide for your members?

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That is asking what kind of “training program” will you have if any. Will members need to complete a training program / check ride process before gaining full membership.

Hope that helps :)

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Thank you very much! That helps me a lot. Wish me luck on my journey…

Best regards, Poggers

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Important Announcement

Due to a technical website issue, IFVARB stops accepting new applications effective immediately. The applicants,who applied prior to this announcement are noted and will be contacted directly. If you witness any issues that prevent the normal use of our website, ifvarb.com, please create a ticket or contact @IFVARB on the Infinite Flight Community.


oh man that sucks i was about to apply 😕
tag me when VAʻs can apply again.
any ETA?

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Hello @flyin_hawaiian,

As of now we have no ETA but we will keep everyone informed when the situation changes.

Thanks for your understanding,

Have a nice day/night.

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Website Status: Running ✅

Some days ago, a bug on the admin panel prevented the admin team from reviewing any new applications. We have now fixed the back-end issue and we can now accept new applications! Moreover, we managed not to delete the apps submitted before the original announcement (31/1/2023), which means that all submitted applications are now waiting to be reviewed by the administration team.

Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience this issue might have caused!


and….a new application will be inbound!

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I have seen on various VA websites, these LiveFlight maps which show the VAs flights in the air

How can I get these for my VA?

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