IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Hello. Your name rings a bell, so I definitely remember you from back in the day. Anyways, welcome back. There is no universal requirements for acceptance into a Virtual Airline or Virtual Organization. They are all made by the staff of the respective Virtual Airline/Org to fit their goal. I would say that most virtual airlines would like to see their pilots at least a grade three like you mentioned. If I were you, just simply reach out to the virtual airline’s representative that you find interest in. The worst they can say is to wait until you have access to the Expert Server. I am sure most VAs though are will to work something out though.

Oh my god i remember you! Wow its been too long. I know i was with Air Canada, Qantas and i think Lufthansa back in the day. So i will message them to see if they remember me and can do something to help me out :)

I am currently in the process of making a VA and we dont have grade requirements for our pilots :), Also we are looking for pilots :). Please PM me if you are intrested @Callum_King

I’m not too good with the IFVARB rules, but I would refrain from asking for pilots or advertising your VA before your VA is actually approved! Again I’m not too sure.

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What VA are you making?

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Hello there! Per VARB policy, I would avoid advertisement of your prospective Virtual Airline until our team has completed review and approved it for the Community. This would include on the public forum and in PMs. Now, you may request staff (if you have met that stage in approval) on our “Prospective VA staff” thread that I have linked below. I will allow this time to continue your discussion within a PM, but please remember for next time. Thank you!

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Can VA accounts post in the group flights topic?

Yes, they can.

I don’t think so, Thomas.

Many VAs and VOs plan small group flights and sometimes the #live:groupflights category is the best place to post. (due to #live:events time restrictions). Some rules/policies will be updated, so keep an eye out.


So we can? 😂

I would wait patiently for now, it seems that changes might be made as Thomas said.

I assume the #live:groupflights rule is there to prevent VAs from spamming self-promoting small group flights every day, clogging the category.

It is still allowed for VAs to post in #live:events , so if you’re super eager to post a public event for your VA, that’ll be the place to post it for right now.

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I’m starting a VA, but it is fictional based.

Could I join the oneworld virtual alliance?


As far as I’m aware, they only allow real-world airlines that are in the alliance in real life to join them. I’m sure you could contact their VA account and ask any questions you may have.


Hello, I am making a VA of my own and to ask, are interline agreements allowed? Because i want our VA to have a bigger and diverse route network.

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In short, yes, codesharing and interline agreements are allowed.

However, as far as I know, you must first wait to get your VA approved, and only then contact other VA accounts to discuss codesharing/interline agreements. Most existing VAs usually do this only with other approved VAs which also have codeshare/interline agreements in real life, as far as I’ve seen on here.


Thanks for your response, Our VA is very close to applying for approval anyway.

Indeed they are. I have included below the official IFVARB Policy regarding your question.


  • All airlines must have permission to operate a codeshare.

  • Codeshares within certified Virtual Airlines/Organizations are allowed as long as there is an agreement between the two (or more) operating airlines. While the IFVARB prefers that the codeshares match real-world operations, VA/VO’s are permitted to codeshare with routes on their own to best help out their VA/VO.

  • All codeshares MUST be agreed upon before a VA/VO can operate them. If a VA/VO does not exist, or is in certification, and you wish to codeshare that airline, you may operate the codeshare as long as the real-world airline uses the route and it is available to you via your real-world airline’s website to book. If it is not available, and the virtual airline does not exist, you are not eligible to use that flight within your VA.

  • If a VA/VO that you are operating is later certified, it is your responsibility to create an agreement with them and it is at their discretion. Should the VA/VO decline a codeshare, you are then not able to operate that codeshare.

Source : IFVARB

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can fictional based VAs also create codeshares

Absolutely. However, do consider that some VAs strive for realism™️ and, as a result, may not want to establish said agreement.