IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Hey folks,
Not sure if this is the correct thread but I’ll give it a shot. I recently upgraded to Grade 3. And I really am looking to dig in and join a VA. Preferably a European one, I’ve reached out to a couple but haven’t heard back quite yet. Does anybody know of any that are actively recruiting?
Thanks and I look forward to flying with everyone.

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Hey there,

First of all congratulations on getting Grade 3. Secondly, there are many VA’s (European Ones as well) here on IF. You can visit IFVARB’s website (VA/VO database) to get a better look at them - Direct Link to the Database

Some active European VA’s I know of are, British Airways Virtual, Air Belgium Virtual, Air-France KLM Virtual, Ryanair Virtual, easyjet Virtual and many more. Lufty Virtual is currently recruiting staff so right now I am not sure they are actively recruiting. Aside from that you can check a lot of other VA’s from around the world too. Either look for them on the website I linked above or check #live:va as there are many active VA threads.

I hope this helped you.

And for this, you can always DM the VA’s IFC account or reply in their thread that you applied and haven’t received a response. I am sure they will be happy to assist.


And if you still don’t receive a reply, contact @IFVARB and we will help you out.

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Hey thanks for the information. Much appreciated.


My VA, DHL Express Virtual, was certified on November 10th, 2021. Prior to certification, I used the VA staff request thread already. Am I allowed to post again but this time have a link to the IFVARB website where people can apply for a position that’s open?

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No. You may post anything with open staff positions once you are approved you can use your VA’s thread to post updates on such like that. The Prospective VA staff request thread is only for VA’s/VO’s in the middle of the approval process.


Congratulations on the approval of your VA firstly. As an answer to your question, this is as follows. The Prospective VA Staff Request thread is only for VA’s who are currently Admin Approved and are waiting to be approved/reviewed. If you are interested to getting staff then I highly suggest opening staff applications on your VA thread (once you have one ready). Otherwise you can use the VA/VO Login Page to recruit staffs using the IFVARB website.

If you have any further issues then you can always message the @IFVARB group on it.


Thank you guys! My thread should be done here by the end of the week hopefully.

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Well done on approval

will be CEO of pacifica va

That îs close to true. You can use the VA request thread only if you aren’t approved. Or you are approved but can’t find a staff member in any way. If you’re desperate, let’s say it t like that.

Firstly, well done mate, happy to see you in the VA/VO Community.

The use of the Staff Request Thread is only in use once you’re in the Being Reviewed period and once approved to post on it by the Admin/Leader that is in charge of your VA/VO.

Now that you got the certification, you can use your own Official VA Thread to post staff opening position.

You can also use your IFVARB Reservation Status to post Staff Recruiting by doing this ;

    • Go to your IFVARB Reservation Status Airline Staff New Staff Position Set the role status as Recruiting Save

It will be added in the database of IFVARB and you can find all the position that you’ve open in :

    • Staff Recruitment VA/VO Job Openings Filter by Airline (Set your Airline)

Here it is, hope it helps you!

Have a good one.


Thanks guys!

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can I make a sort of ‘tracking thread’ for our prospective va (application not sent yet)

Unfortunately I don’t believe you can make a tracking thread for a virtual airline that has not been approved yet. If this was allowed, there would be numerous tracking threads for every virtual airline that was in planning and therefore would clog up the #live:va category for already IFVARB approved virtual airline’s and organisations.


Hey there,

No, you can’t create a tracking thread or something like that before being alowed to do that. You didn’t had already sent your application, it is not to bad, take your time to prepare all for your VA/VO and then, once ready apply for the VA/VO you want.

After that, you will be contacted by a IFVARB and you will go through the process. Once the process is finish, you will be allowed to post your VA/VO Thread once the IFVARB Admin/Leader accepted you to post it on the forum.

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alright how long does it take to approval

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It depends, it is regarding the availability of the Admin/Leader.

It’s also regarding your availability, if you’re responsive to their message it will be a bit faster since you keep a communication with them and are “active” but if you’re not it’s can take some time because they will wait you to answer them.

So, there is no range of duration but some settings can get you approved faster.

Hope it’s helps you understanding that things.

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Adding to this, the more prepared your VA is… The faster you’ll be done.


Also, since nobody really answered your question… If your VA has a decently prepared website and idea of how things will be ran, it could take about a month like mine. Avianca Virtual was certified within a matter of days because they were extremely ready. Hope this helps!

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While they were ready, and it was a pretty seamless process from the Board Members’ end, it was longer than “a matter of days.” Not to mention, while being prepared does help the process go quicker, that is not the only factor.

Additionally, while I can’t speak for the entirety of the VARB or Avianca Virtual, I think it would be appreciated if information like this is kept private—it is no one’s business.