IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Hi, am I allowed to DM people to ask them to be staff for my upcoming VA?

Once you have a VA reserved and have begun the process, you may use the thread below:

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Yes, I know that and I already posted there but nobody has applied for a staff position, am I allowed to PM people on the IFC?

We do have a policy regarding PMs and DMs as follows:

VAs should only be advertising in the VA category on the IFC; advertising through unsolicited direct messages on any communication platform, including Discord, Slack, and the IFC, is strictly prohibited.

While this policy item was worded for certified VAs and VOs, it certainly applies to request for staff by applicants going through certification. You may PM/DM people you know, of course, like your friends, but not people you don’t directly know.

Hope this answers your question, but let us know if not.

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Can I request for staff members if the VA is reserved but not into reviewing process yet?

Hi there, @JetWig

The Prospective VA Staff Request Thread can be used by prospective CEOs applying to start a VA/VO once their application is in Phase 2, which is the review stage. So, essentially, once the application is reviewed by the Admin Team and accepted (not guaranteed.)

To clarify: Submission of a VA/VO application does not guarantee reservation of an airline. We consider an airline reserved once an application is accepted; we send a separate PM on the IFC if and when we accept an application.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.


Thanks Jon! So, i can use that prospective va thread when i’m in the “awaiting review” or “being reviewed” phase? Or is it only when i’m “being reviewed”

It’s the Being Reviewed phase.

And how long does it usually take to pass from “awaiting review” to “being reviewed

Depending on the Team availability and your availability.

Perfect, thanks for your help @Baba and good luck with your brand new VA!

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Np mate always here to help and thank you!

Another question, I can’t yet create a VA thread if i’m in the being reviewed stage can I?

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Correct, you can only create a VA thread once you’ve been officially accepted by the IFVARB.


Noted, thanks!

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Is KLAX a hub for DHL? And does anyone know where I can get a list of DHL’s hubs?

Hey there @AviationChampion! Here are the hubs for DHL:

And no, KLAX is not a hub for DHL!

Hope that answered your question!


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You can start designing it, find some idea to make it well, structured and so on.

But you can’t post it before being approved by the IFVARB Team.

Hope it helps!


I’m in the process of making my VA and haven’t yet sent the proposal to the IFVARB can I post in the prospective staff page yet?

No, you may not post in that thread unless you have started the application process and have been approved.