IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread


The IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

In order to keep the IFVARB Information Thread clean of posts, this feedback and questions thread has been posted to be the host for posts that may contain concerns or inquries that you need answers too.

Feel free to post any questions or comments below and an IFVARB representative will respond to you in a quick and timely manner. Please keep all of your replies constructive and civilized.


Is keeping your IFVARB rep. updated on new things you have done with your VA good, or is it a waste of time for them?

We love to see how far VAs have come posy certification. You can share what you have further accomplished amongst your peers in the IFVARB slack or if you’d rather message the individual personally, you may do that as well.


Well, mine hasn’t been certified. But I take it it still isn’t a waste of time. Thanks!

Just to confirm, can the CEO and one other staff member be present in the Slack workspace?

The CEO and up to two others may be present on the IFVARB slack.


How do you join the IFVARB slack?

In order to join the slack you must be a staff member of an active VA. If you meet that requirement, then you will need to PM an admin such as myself to get an invite.


A VA that has been approved?

That is correct.


Is there or will there be an updated IFVA database?

Coming soon :)

The making of VAs are currently suspended right?

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Yes, all VA applications starting from the time of the suspension announcement until the new system is made/until IVARB admins say so are suspended.

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If I were you I would keep your #live:va notifications on, as it’s only a matter of (insert time unit here) before we announce something great :)


Have many of the IFVARB pages been unlisted because of the new system?

We are doing complete thread refreshes for each one of our VARB centered threads. Hence why I have created a new feedback thread. Same thing will happen to a couple of our other threads shortly.

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What does the 45% in the reservation mean? BTW amazing amazing amazing work guys it feels so professional

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Is there a template for the operation plan?