IFVARB Disorganization

I know it’s a little off topic here but: I always wondered why almost any airline livery can be published in IF (except some movie special liveries) but VAs can’t?
I’d be happy to get a PM by anyone who knows smt about this. :)

It was created so that we can manage community virtual airlines. Simple as that. There are plenty of airlines out there that allow virtual airlines based off of them to be created. There are also those airlines that don’t allow virtual airlines to be created in their name. In this case with Icelandair however, they don’t allow it. Therefore they were banned.


ok, I understand. thanks for the answer!

It is because Infinite flight is a simulator, and people know that. However, virtual airlines intend to copy (key word) the real world counterparts in a virtual way. Many people on the internet don’t understand this, and they either see publications (website, Instagram posts, etc) made by a virtual airline that to them looks like the real world airline. They then complain that they’ve been scammed or something similar, and complain to the real world airlines. That’s when they have issues with virtual airlines.


Due to your lack of mature response to a situation that could have easily been handled in a DM, I’m not sure you have what it takes to be a VA CEO. Because of this, I will extend your waiting period to 2 months from today. You may reapply on July 23.


My experience was great and the staff were excellent

Personally I think IFVARB ensures your VA is great Quality.
You should research before you make a VA/VO
and also it’s not IFVARB’s fault because any Airline can change their rules.

Scrap everything I said above.

It doesn’t say on Iceland air’s website that VA’s are banned…

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Cool more time for me to prepare :)

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If u want to make a VA. Surely you would have been researched it first and found out that Iceland air do not allow Virtual Airlines representing their company

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I don’t think Blue Panda was smiling.

And if I was to have you as a CEO, I’d walk out

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This is a key paragraph. While they don’t explicitly say it, unless someone has permission to use their stuff, they won’t allow it. People have reached out to them before requesting to open a virtual airline in their name and they have denied.


This thread has run its course. If anyone ever has specific feedback about the IFVARB, you are always welcome to contact me and the other admins directly alongside the thread!