IFVARB Disorganization

Unfortunately, my experiences with IFVARB have been mostly negative, starting with the fact that they are very disorganized. Two weeks ago, I submitted an application to apply to create a VA called Icelandair Virtual, I checked the active reservations and the banned airline list to see if I was able to create it, seeing as it was neither banned nor reserved, I decided to apply. I had to create a website and fill out all of the required forms before submission (the website took me days to make). I then later found out that this airline was banned from being created. This made no sense to me, why on earth would an airline be banned but not be on the banned airlines list. To make matters worse, I was barred from applying again for 45 days. After I told them that it was unfair that I was barred for not knowing it was banned, they added it to the list.
So what do you think? Should I have been barred for 45 days? (In addition, my request to have the bar shorted or removed was ignored.)


Have you pm’d any of the ifvarb members to discuss this? There will always be a reason.

I did, all I received from the admin was a heart on my response after I said it should have been on the banned airlines list if it was banned.

I have the same problem. I wanted to make Air Serbia virtual but I later gave up because I had no idea what I was supposed to do. they are very unorganised in my opinion. I think they should fix the page a bit…

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I recommend posting any feedback in this thread:

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Speaking as someone who went through the process a little over a year ago to get my VO approved, you need more patience. You took the risk of having complications like the one you faced when you started the process of trying to use an IRL airline as your VA, so unless you come up with an original idea for your VA/VO, you run that risk. Creating a topic is not the way to go and doesn’t show maturity, maybe this portion of Infinite Flight is not for you. :)


Well they tell you to look if the airline is banned or reserved prior to applying. Meaning all banned airlines should be on that list. It shouldn’t be ok to bar someone for 45 days for a mistake that they made.(they as in IFVARB)

So you’re saying that asking for help or saying their own opinions is an act of immaturity? What are you trying to say?

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you would be my word of advise.

I get what you are saying but they shouldn’t be misinforming people.

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If you state banned airlines will be on the list, you should probably put all banned airlines on that list.

By advice is just don’t support the IFVARB as a whole, or don’t make a VA or VO until they sort themselves, and their website out. That’s what I’m currently doing. When they do fix the website and their service, than I might try again to make a VA…


Right, like half of their hyperlinks don’t work

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Quite stunned you say this. IFVARB is a fantastic group of individuals striding to create the best possible Virtual Airline Community possible. They all work extremely hard together, and as I understand your frustration, please be kinder. It was your misfortune in your VA that Icelandair has been banned. And I am quite positive that it claims this on their website. You just have to search a bit


Hi, I’m afraid you are talking to the wrong person. I did not make any Iceland air VA…

If you were 100% dedicated and sure you wanted to start a VA, then you would be using this time constructively to come up with new ideas. Running a VA/VO takes more time and effort than a lot of people realise.

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I think you should close this topic, as no one is on your side except for me and no one has really helped you in anyway. I’m a little surprised by the way that the community has reacted. Quite unpleasant if you ask me…

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The IFVARB has set rules in place in order to ensure we can protect VAs from copyright issues.

The reason we ban airlines is because real world airlines could go after the flight simulator as a whole. If someone decided to create said airline, the real world counterpart could easily sue not only those who created said airline, they can go after Infinite Flight LLC as well.

Just like @Plane-Train-TV said, Iceland Air clearly states on their website that VAs based on them is not allowed. If you took time to do the research, this wouldn’t have been a waste of time on your part.

In addition to this, the 45 day rule applies to every single individual who decides to create a VA. No matter the circumstance, someone must wait 45 days. This is not a circumstantial rule.

We realize your frustration, but it is a result of a failure to ensure that you did the proper research on your real world counterparts rules regarding virtual airlines.


Second word of advice, simply PM the hand that feeds you.


Well if this is the case, then why did you make the IFVARB if you fear of a Sue or lawsuit? What’s the point of having VA’s if IF could be sued. Now this is the iFVARB’s problem, not ours’. But I like what you are doing, and keep it up! But the thing here is that the website is a little messy… Have a good day!