IFVARB Developments | Website

To follow up our last post, we’d like to share a few additional developments- the first of which is our new website.


We thought, as per feedback on the last thread, that a website would be a good central location to collect all the news and info a new user may need - it features information on our team, our process, and how the category works.

In addition to that, we also attached a tutorial, pinned at the top of this category, with all of the information you could need. A post has been made that explains a little more about what IFVARB is how we work on a more personal level also.

In our continuous efforts to positively engage with the community, we have added a “News” blog. This will be periodically updated with a new VA review, as well as “VA spotlights” to help some of the smaller VAs to gain some well deserved popularity. If any of you would like to contribute with reviews, interviews, etc, feel free to PM us.

We also have a “Community Gallery” - this is a collective gallery of all the best VA pics. If you would like to submit a photo, feel to do so privately to @BluePanda900 or @Wren who are the website whizzs (and have also done a really brilliant job!). All photos will be credited to both the VA and the individual user.

Again, NEO and Carson are going to have to leave this thread open, hopefully for just a little while, until Wren/Blue posts the link to a review and spotlight interview that are both being finished off as we speak. We do however ask that any comments are directed to the IFVARB #userfeedback Channel and not here; a precaution we’ve been taking to avoid a public flame war here on the forum :)

Thanks for all that you guys do. We look forward to continuing to work with you all. Cheers!


I think I speak for the majority: thank you for doing this, it has definitely strengthend my trust in IFVARB, and shows that you guys are actually dedicated to what you are doing.

Edit: also my bad, I don’t think I was supposed to comment.


This is a great idea gentlemen. I appreciate the transparency in both the new posts and the website. Keep up the good work!


Looking really good guys! big props to IFVARB.


Great job boys, we’re all now restoring our trust in the IFVARB with these implementations. Cheers!


Myself and @BluePanda900 hope you are enjoying the website. If not, we hope we have something to change that! We have been working on both Virtual Airline Spotlights and Virtual Airline Reviews. These will be a weekly feature on our website and we aim to help show how different Virtual Airlines will be better for different pilots, in a way that is unbiased and well founded.

The spotlights will be run by myself and will be published once a week, each time with individual Virtual Airline coverage. I also aim to fluctuate between larger and smaller Virtual Airlines, all the time trying to give a somewhat unbiased view of the Virtual Airline. Our first spotlight is with @Cpt_Chris 's SoFlo Airlines

@BluePanda900 will be running the weekly review articles and he will be doing what it says in the title - showing an independent view on a certain Virtual Airline. We also hope to change between the larger and smaller Virtual Airlines to give a broader view to give future pilots every possible chance to find the Virtual Airline that is right for them. For our first installment Blue decided to delve into the depths of British Airways Virtual

The first Virtual Airline Spotlight is now live as well as the first Virtual Airline Review and I encourage you all to read both. If anyone would like to be featured for the spotlights , do not hesitate to PM myself but at this time the reviews are randomly selected . Thank you and enjoy!


We’re very honored to have our VA as the inagural spotlight for the website! Cheers!

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@Sam_Keast’s informative post about the ever-changing VA Community. Read it today on the website.


Nice work guys… I would love to join the IFVARB Community


I want to know what conditions are needed to build a VA.

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Information regarding how to go about creating a VA can be found here:

Good luck!


Check out this guide made by @BluePanda900 , It is very helpful! :)


New Review of QJet Virtual. Enjoy!


Awsome website! This really improves the IFVARB in many ways! I especially love the encouraging articles that you’ve written for different VAs.


We have a new review – this weeks’ airline is Delta. Enjoy the review!


When are we gonna have some cargo VA reviews?

We’ll happily review cargo VAs. We tend to prioritise the CEOs that put in hard work to making quality VAs (especially ones who in our opinion haven’t been getting much credit for it), and not ones who make passive requests to have their VA reviewed.


I wasn’t trying to push anything. The CEO and myself has put alot of hard work into this airline but all is good.

I never said that you haven’t put in hard work, and being one of the older VAs of course you have,

but you are the only cargo VA ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I never said you did. I am just making sure you spread the love to the cargo guys as well