IFVARB Competition Winner & October Event Announcement

Greetings Infinite Flight Community,

I am very excited and grateful for how receptive the IFC has been towards these competitions, hosted by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board. Our latest competition was meant to inspire new Virtual Airline CEOs and give them advise on how to succeed, We, as a team, feel that @Overspeed 's submission on behalf of Aerosync Virtual gives that advice in the perfect way. And without further adieu, here it is:

In the shortness lies the spice, therefore read this advice :
Strength and growth only come with effort and struggle;
Dedication, inspiration and commitment are key to make your member numbers double.
Copying others wont result in gain,
In the race to the top you need to find your own lane.

With September’s competition done and dusted, we move on to our next competition. And that is:

“Which Virtual Airline has the best thread?”

You can PM me a draft when you are ready for assessment, and then once the competition has ended you may make it your regular thread. This is to avoid copying and mundane entries. The deadline is the 25th October.

Good luck to all,


Hi Wren,

In the response to the lack of a ‘buzz’ from this post, has the IFVARB ever considered a central thread for all ifvarb related material, a hub that upcoming CEOs could visit for advice, guidance, support and…competitions?

Nonetheless, my old VA - British Airways Virtual Airlines gets my vote for the best thread!

Nice to see the IFVARB developing.


Thanks Lou. We’ll take your suggestion into account. Can you pm the thread to Wren so we have them all in a centralized location? Thanks.


We do have a thread for all the major announcements:

This is an optional competition and we don’t want new CEOs assuming it is compulsory, thus why it is seperate.


Ah. Legend. Great to be up there.

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