IFVARB | Changes For Global

IFVARB | Changes For Global


Virtual Organisation Community,

Recently, IFVARB has been consulting many VA leaders and members as part of our ongoing feedback process. As a result, several minor reforms have been initiated and are effective as of now.

The End Of The “Casual” Eraplane (1)

Effective immediately, the casual VA program is now discontinued. The leading lights within the virtual airline arena have displayed a distinct distaste for this programme - the reasoning being that it was inevitably bound to degrade the quality of the community, and hinder the image of professionalism that we want, need, and all work hard to achieve. Not a single virtual airline or organisation has applied for casual status since it’s introduction, so transitioning from that to higher standards of quality, activity, and professionalism than ever before should be a smooth process!

The Introduction Of VA Guides And Mentorsnetwork

The IFVARB Leadership team has nominated two members - @Wren & @BluePanda900 to be VA guides. The purpose of these is to guide VAs right through the process if an admin is not available, and to act as a personal mentor periodically for all VAs (unless declined of course) in order to elevate the quality of all of our virtual organisations, and as a means of more positive community interaction with the VAs we serve. More info on this here.

New Branding For IFVARBmegaphone

The IFVARB Database, Information Post, and all future topics will consist of the new logo, thread layout, and custom graphics - we want to lead by example!

New Monthly Competitionstarget

As you are likely already aware, IFVARB will be holding a competition each month, each one of a varying nature, with the winner receiving VA Spotlight for the fixed period of a month - again intended as another means of positive community interaction.

We also encourage you to take a look over our new posts, such as our new VA Database, and especially our refreshed Info thread as it contains vital information.

We also want to take this opportunity to show our flexibilty as a group - we are absolutely all for unique VAs. We’ve decided that we need to be more accepting of the fact that we need to encourage VAs to be original and unique - don’t worry about meeting all the requirements just because you’re a bit different. It’s good to be original and we’ll welcome it with open arms, especially seeing as the casual option is now gone.

As always, our door is always open - any complaints, feedback, or general thoughts will be warmly welcomed via PM, or in the #userfeedback channel of the IFVARB Slack.

We appreciate your dedication and commitment alongside ourselves, and we look forward to enhancing the virtual airline community even further with you all!




Nice work, all! Do like this new setup.

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I love this brand new setup! Great job guys!

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