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I was looking through some VA websites and one requirement that a few of them had was to not be on the IFVARB blacklist. What is the blacklist? What actions can lead to you being added? What are the punishments/suspensions?

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blacklist is the list of people that had very questionable behaviour in other VAs. So being in there is bad


IFVARB watchliated and Blacklisted members, in general, have restrictions on the member within the VA community.

As VAs we get reminded to stay aware of these, as IFVARB recommends watchlisted users out, but not a requirement and, as far as I know, blacklisted members are prohibited from VA participation.


Is there a way to see a list of users on there?

People typically get blacklisted for using profanity or breaking rules etc. The punishments vary from temporary suspensions to being permanently banned.

I believe the IFVARB website has a list of blacklisted users.


@Nuggetfornia, here it is.


So you can be added for

  1. Trolling
    (Check, I don’t want a level 3 violation)
  2. Vandalism of VA
    (Check, I have exactly 0 computer skills)
  3. Misconduct
    (Check, I don’t want to be fired by LYVA)
  4. Impersonation
    (No one likes me, who would I impersonate?)
  5. Abuse of IFC members
    (There is no way I’d insult someone. Feel free to roast me via PMs.)
  6. Spam (yummy)
    (I like spam. It’s great as musubi. *yummy *)
  7. Violation of TOS
    (I don’t even know what TOS means. So… check.)
  8. Rude/Improper language
    (I’m Asian, so check)
  9. Violation of IFVARB policies
    (@discobot revealed that my true destiny was to become an IFVARB board member, so check)
  10. Inappropriate actions
    (Check, they were never there to being with *cough *)

@NuggetFornia This is the best thing I’ve seen all day. Genuinely brought a smile to my face. Thank you.


TOS is an acronym for Terms of Service. I don’t like acronyms.

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Someone knows how to make my day. 😀


You can also be blicklisted if you break any forum misconducts.


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