IFVARB Arbitration Measures & Blacklist

Arbitration Measures


Starting from this point forward, the IFVARB requests that any concerned party of a VA, whether it be the administrative staff or a concerned member, must retain evidence when engaged in arbitration. We cannot do anything if both parties devolve into a “he said, she said” situation with no proof to back it up. Kindly provide appropriate documentation and wide perspective of all the events leading up to the situation in question. Help us help you when arbitrating with others.

Steps to Engage in a Successful Inquiry

  1. Identify the issue in question and take some time to think it through. Is it worth going to the IFVARB for? Can it be resolved internally?
  2. Collect the proof you feel pertinent to support your claims. One little snap doesn’t cover it and fails to provide a clear picture of the entire situation.
  3. PM one of the administrators of the IFVARB with your inquiry. State, provide, dictate. Follow the SPD rule.
  4. While engaging in conversation, avoid spinning the truth or trying to frame the opposing party. We will find out, and you will be warned. Further attempts will result in punitive action.
  5. Accept the results of the arbitration and move on. If you present everything like you’re supposed to, you have nothing to worry about.



In addition, due to recent circumstances with VA membership conflicts on the forum, the IFVARB will be maintaining and upkeeping a blacklist of members who continue to defy the rules, have been banned from VAs, and/or are ineligible to join one. If any VA owner or administrative staff wish to crosscheck the status of a member before recruiting him or her into their respective VA, feel free to consult or PM one of the three administrators (myself, Neo, or Ben) , and we will check for you.

  • FAQ:
    • Am I encouraged to do this for every member who wants to join my VA?
      - No. If dozens of VAs were to do this to all applicants 24/7, there would be too many for us to keep up with. Please limit this service to members you strongly suspect of wrongdoing or past actions.
    • Is this temporary?
      - In a way, yes. I am drawing up future plans to create a database where typing in a single name would generate the results necessary for crosschecking, making the process super simple and available in a way that any VA owner or recruiting staff can simply run the stats from a semi-private collective.
    • How many warnings does a member get before being added to the blacklist?
      • Two. We understand that people can have a change of heart and really bounce back from the mistakes they make, so you will get a warning the first time. After the second time, you will be added to the blacklist. We have to keep this limited in order to avoid people jumping and doing chain damage to 3+ VAs in a row.

In the ongoing attempt to make everything in this category civil, we kindly ask everyone to participate and follow those rules to the best of their ability. Cheers!


So i may have read this wrong but now the IFVARB is restricting members of the community from joining Vas if they have had issuses with a prior Va.


The intention is to bar people who have malicious intent to damage VAs. We’re talking guys who love to spam, wreck PIREPs, the whole nine yards. We aren’t going to play bad cop with someone who’s been removed for a bit of inconsistency and bounce back eagerly.


Oh I got ya. That’s sounds accurate. I agree with that. Thanks Josh for clearing it up


It’s nice that the hammer of Justice is being swung in VAs. I have had some problems earlier with people making up falsehoods about my VA and trying to get it shutdown and stuff. This is nice to have a formal system. Props to you guys


Agreed. I’ve had some people say bad things about my Va. but just have ignored it.


To save IFVARB some valuable time in their days, maybe give only the CEO of each approved VA access to a locked excel file, that way they can check without bothering IFVARB directly? Although i respect the major “trust” aspect that idea plays.

Great idea none the less!



I’m glad these new guidelines have been adopted in order to guarantee discipline and order in all VAs. Nice work you guys are doing. I again reiterate my support to this organization.


Perhaps, yes. VA owners put a certain degree of trust in us, and we appreciate that, so I suppose we could reciprocate. We’ll see what works best and definitely get something sorted out.

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@NEO do you mind PM me. I would like to discuss something

Sure, I’ll happily discuss as always. On it’s way, Dillion :)

Thanks nothing bad at all. In fact it’s good

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I’d like to say one final thing, we need definitive evidence. We need in-context, explanatory evidence. We cannot act on word alone. If you cannot find enough evidence, your case probably isn’t strong enough, and most likely an inquiry isn’t needed.


I think IFVARB is going too far this time, they’re pushing the limits…


I agree, this is just way too intense. Power hungry.

Half these kids don’t even know what ‘left traffic’ means, now there’s a constitution and rules and procedures for arbitration, all so people can put some random letters in their call sign whilst still flying the same aircraft and livery as anyone else, albeit on unrealistic and incorrect real world routes and procedures…



I disagree, this is an act to protect VA’s against so called “trouble makers” I think staff members at many VA’s can agree we see some frequent offenders who just bring negativity to VA’s… large VA’s can take this kind of hit from time to time, but fresh VA’s are really venerable to this kind of behaviour. All you can do is kick them out and they jump to the next VA… sadly there is people like that. I think having a database so VA’s can have a heads up can be helpful. This list is not going to be long at all I don’t think. As the OP also stated there is room to bounce back. But IFVARB have always been professional in maintaining a high standard, so I applaud any changes to protect VA’s and also their Members.

Kindest Regards,

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I think a warning system/ list is great, a list which all members who are trouble makers can be on. However, banning them from joining VAs for eternity, is way too harsh.

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My question is, how exact;y do you guys plan on enforcing your decisions?


Like we’ve said in the past and has been posted many times, we have fully backing of the moderating team to do what is necessary.


So you want to sit by and let people tear through VAs after VAs with bad behavior over and over, wrecking the systems that people work hard to maintain? This measure aims to cut that down. If you take the time to read the post, a warning system is utilized. We aren’t going left and right banning for no reason.

There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes to necessitate this. It is not an unreasonable request and provides a cushion for those looking for a second chance.