IFVAO Board of Directors Application

IFVAO is pleased to announce that today Applications for the Board of Directors opened to the IF community. IFVAO is seeking members to join our Board, who have the following:

  • A strong understanding of Virtual Airlines and Alliances/VA Groups
  • A strong ethic for teamwork and dedication
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to Volunteer some of your time to IFVAO, and be an active member on the Board
  • A genuine interest in the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Community, and an interest in improving Virtual Airlines, Alliances and VA Groups for everyone
  • Speak English
  • Good Communication Skills

All genuine applications will be reviewed. If you do not know what IFVAO is, please visit our website and take a look around. We are always happy to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us via PM, the contact form at the bottom of our pages, or via our “Contact Us” form. Don’t forget to add us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

We look forward to reviewing many Applications!

Happy Flying,

The IFVAO Team