IFTSATC Tracking Thread: N/A

`This thread is to inform you when IFTSATC Open’s a region, please do not clog the thread up with useless comments please, this thread could also be used to give feedback or complaints to any controller that controlled, just state what airport, frequency, name of the controller, and region to give them feed back, thank you, -IFTSATC Team
Region Currently Open: N/A


Active IFTSATC in Hawaii. We have opened up Hawaii come and have a flight in the hawaiian skies :)

Edit: Now Closed


We are now active in London. Come and have a flight.

Now Closed

Maybe add to the title saying which region you are currently open at.


Yes, we will next time. Thank you for your advice !

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**IFTSATC Is currently open in SoFlo **

Great idea, maybe you could make this post a wiki and just have it as a running top thread, whereas people add to a list of ‘active TSATC’ and then remove when they close up.

Is @Tyler_Shelton aware?


25 Knot winds… Hey! Im good :)

Why SoFlo? FNF is in the Seatte region…

South Florida is now closed good day

Why would Tyler need to be aware he is IFATC & as far as I know as nothing to do with IFTSATC.

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Tyler approved IFTSATC Long time ago, i gave him my idea, why does he need approval for a thread??? He is IFATC And im sure he could care less for IFTSATC and he is a busy man and is an air traffic controller for the air force, i am sure he does not care and has better things to do than worry about IFTSATC


Yes of course but the FNF is in ALL servers and it would be great if grade 2 and 1 pilots could participate to the FNF with great ATC service ;)

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Dont worry later we will open up seattle. And great atc services and grade 1 and 2 pilots dont make a ver good combonation :)

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Ill help open up Seattle if needed!

I understand ;) my mistake. I withdraw my previous statement.

Hi everyone, sorry for the inactivity. We’re opening Australia !

If a regular can change the title with saying No region open. Thank you

Now closed

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Charlotte is now open!

EDIT: We’re Closed!

Coming soon, how long do you plan on staying open?

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