IFTSATC South Florida (CLOSED) (TS1)

Glad to announce that IFTSATC will open for the first time in south florida tonight! Some controllers will join in first and then more will come later so dont be supprised if there is barely any controllers


I’m coming to do my flight there! Hang on!

Can’t make it…nooooo. Good luck!

Oh no! I can’t make it because I have to go now! Sorry, I hope more people join :)

A suggestion, change the region that the IFATC are in. It would offer services to a wide variety of areas while you guys control on Training, and us on Expert.


Like @Furtive_masstwofourf said, avoid going to the same region as IFATC. Go somewhere unique, like Charlotte. :)

I did not know what region IFATC were on, anyway very successful, allot of aircraft came in and out, very tired, i did 2 hours of straight ATC

You are a huge trooper!

Thanks, and if you stress me out to much i will make you do 5 hours @SkyHighGuys

Once I join your awesome group I just might have to

Nah, i know we are A simpler version of IFATC for the training server, but we dont make you do 2 hours, we will only make you do 12 no bigee :)

Lol imagine doing 12 hours straight of ATC KLAX Socal TS1, i’d be bald…

I could do 12 hours TS KLAX tower no problem, but the thing is that there are too many people not doing things properly (taxiing/crossing/landing/taking off without authority, thinking they can choose their runway even against winds, etc.)

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That’s why you would go bald. 😉