Come and have fun while we’re controlling in south florida! We have ground tower and approach and departure frequencies!

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What airports? @Cpt_Chris

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Coming right now for a regional between FLL and MIA!

I will be coming at SoFlo.

FLL just went offline :(

great ATC! Just like on Expert Server… Great idea to start the IFTSATC! @Cpt_Chris

@Cpt_Chris recommend you teach your guys the basic understanding of headwinds, tailwinds and crosswinds for runway selection. Not ideal landing with 10knots tailwind… 🙂 The wind direction and velocity changes all the time for a aerodrome, so they need to be taking note of changes 😁

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I just taught him, KMIA right? Well he said that the green runways were full so he used yellow and im like yellow is crosswind and green is head wind use green only even if it has 100 aircraft waiting

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Glad you enjoyed it :)

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