IFTSATC @Seattle (Closed) (TS1)

If you check Chris’s bio (@Cpt_Chris), you’ll see English isn’t his first language, but he’s done quite the job so far. Okay, he makes some errors, so what, we all have to start somewhere, correct?
And as for Dush being an elder, I don’t really care tbh, I find it amazing he can get a free pass to be rude though!

We’re very off topic now, we can continue in PM if necessary.


Maybe that’s something you should discuss before just winging it and controlling somewhere…

Why is it everytime the group is brought up we have some sort of fight between 9 different people in a thread guys, i am sorry my english is terrible @JoshFly8 and i have explained to you many times, i know English could take me long ways but atleast i could speak it and thats good coming from someone from a Latin American country, sorry if my spelling or grammar is off but i need rosseta stone or whatever you people call it


I don’t mind if your English is right or wrong. I’m glad you came to the US and learned English instead of just speaking Cuban while being an American Citizen

This topic has run it’s course.