IFTSATC @Seattle (Closed) (TS1)

Come and have a fun time im seattle while our IFTSATC control!

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When does it end? I might come

How long will this last? Also, will you guys be on later?

Lets see if we could open up to 2 hours

I’ll be at Seattle-Tacoma

Actually Portland Intl

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Anybody want to escort me? I just took off from Portland and ascending to FL200

My landing at Boeing Field is going to be a lonely one…

Is the user TPXBASEBALL87 part of IFYATATC

No he is not we are going to control in a different region



I was about to plan a flight and you change regions :| IFTSATC isn’t professional and doesnt cater to its customers well. It also doesnt keep up promises…


We closed the region due to Controllers not having the region. Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you be a little bit nicer next time please? Thank you


Sure, I thought of checking you out at KPDX, if you were interested in IFATC. :/

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Aren’t IFATC supposed to act professional?


I wish I could join IFATC, but I’m 12, not 14, but I look like I’m 15. I wish they would change the requirements for age

Dush is an ATC elder 😂 He’s been there since like forever!


Its just basic things, we also have these kind of rules in IFATC. Traffic will come, but you have to be patient.

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Ofcourse that why we put regulations if you are going to open up a facility
30 Mins Class Charlie
1 Hour Class Bravo

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Where are you guys moving??

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Professional… Okay. This may sound petty, but that’s the point. The grammar isn’t the issue- the nitpickiness is. This is what it’s like on the other side. You don’t have to get worked up over those little jabs; Dush is right. It’s only been a hour since SEA/PDX was opened. Pick and choose your battles.

I wouldn’t worry. He’s on the training team and has a responsibility to look out for and process new members. Been here since the program was launched. :)