IFTSATC in the carribean (TS1) (CLOSED)

Come in, as you favorite controlling group IFTSATC will control in the carribean, enjoy your nice sunset flight through the islands as IFTSATC controls in the sunset aswell!

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I’ll stop by for a little bit. I’ll be in a Cirrus - N132KS

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To the controller at PHOG, I apologize, I dropped my device on takeoff and spun out, I apologize for the mishap.

PHOG is not in the Caribbean…


Ugh I missed this because of work…sorry lol I’ll hopefully be there Saturday (work all day Friday).

Lmfao I found that funny 😂, he he was talking about me I was down there before I switch to TFFR

We are all closed up, it was slow tonight, we had multiple controllers maybe no one is intrested in that region

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Oh my gosh, I was flying in Hawaii🙃. Missed the event altogether then, sorry. :/

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