IFtoFPL problem

I got this warning sign for a 14 hour route on a B77W


Don’t worry about it. The 77W is more than capable to go well over 14 hours…if you pack enough fuel.

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it says I need 145,000 KG of fuel

Even if you put 12 hours of fuel, you’d still make it with 30 minutes left. You’ll be fine

The only thing you could really do if you don’t have enough fuel is try to glide in the air.

I will load 16 hours of fuel and it tells me to cruise at 28,000

The heavier the aircraft the lower you should cruise. It helps to burn fuel and then climb to a higher altitude.

A Guide to Step Climbing

Depending on your weight, I don’t think you need 16 hours of fuel…and you can certainly cruise higher (300,320).
Fuel dump is always an option.

Yes I know I will fly low just to be safe around FL300

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Now my fuel remaining is fluctuating I am at FL280 at .84 with 107,966 remaining

This would be from simbrief not fpltoif
What did flight time say? It could just be a terrible routing.
BTWost planes in IF have more range than IRL so u should be fine.

I don’t think there is any need to climb so low. I could climb to FL430 if I wanted to with 70% load and be pretty fine. The 777 is kind of overpowered.

I am doing another flight now FPLTOIF is telling me that the flight time is 14:20 now its showing 16:30

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