IFSIM Staff Positions

I became an admin since I like organization.

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Welcome to the team :)

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I’ll help :)

Whats the difference

Hey everyone, big news for IFSIM

What is IFSIM

Go to http://www.ifsimnetwork.weebly.com it has everything you need to know.

I would like to become moderator for IFSIM.


Hey. The
The last place for moderator has recently been taken, sorry

Is admin spot available

Yes, it is

Can I become Admin then.

you able to do invoices and can you code html?

Sure I can do that. I did Software Devolpment at school where I got to learn html.

PM me then.

Can I be up for any of these positions just tell me which one you need

We are still looking for another Admin. If you are interested pm @Sagar_Vinod or @_keithjames99

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