IFSIM Staff Positions

Read my latest topic of you want to know what IFSIM is.

Anyway, for IFSIM, I’m looking for:

A Training Director:
3 Teachers for Training (Must be great at ATC, including Clearance and ATIS):
2 Admins:
2 Moderators:
A Recruitment Director:

These roles are voluntary but, if IFSIM gets big, they will become payed roles.

PM for information.

UPDATE: All we need now is 2 more training instructors and a recruitment director.

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I am up for being training director or teacher. As I previously mentioned, I am very familiar with ATC .

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PM me. We can discuss your role :)

i just PM you now.

How would the staff be payed? Where would you get the money for that?

Life. That’s where.

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Well if that’s the case then sign me up haha😜👌🏻

Here is a list on the website of the roles:

What do the Moderators and admin do?

Moderators listen into ATC to make sure no one says anything inappropriate or off topic

Admins help with emails, invoices, contact and meta

Being a moderator is fun, and pretty relaxed. You should become one aswell ;)

I became an admin since I like organization.

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Welcome to the team :)

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I’ll help :)

Whats the difference

Hey everyone, big news for IFSIM

What is IFSIM

Go to http://www.ifsimnetwork.weebly.com it has everything you need to know.