IFSIM Beginning Partnership with Virtual Airlines


IFSIM is getting bigger and bigger everyday and we even recently got a partnership with Qantas Virtual. We are regularly hosting verbal ATC sessions.

We have decided to begin partnership with VAs. Pilots of you VA can fly using verbal ATC if they want + You are sponsored.

For partnership, please send an email to ifsimstaff@gmail.com with the following:

IF Community Name:
Discord Name:
Virtual Airline:
Virtual Airline Website:
Why you want a partnership with us:

If you want more information on our partnerships, visit our website at http://www.ifsimnetwork.weebly.com or tweet us at @IFSIM_ATC


Hi Keith,

Just a quick question about this organization. What’s your reputation like?

It seems very well organized :)

Well, quite an amount of people know us. There is around 60 people in IFSIM.


Good one, however please keep your air traffic control practice fair to every pilots.

Hi Keith

Do you have dedicated ATC, if yes, do you mind publishing their names?

Yes, they’re dedicated. Their names are on the ‘Our Team’ page on the website

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UPDATE: We have partnered with Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight, Infinite Flight’s leading virtual airline.


Great, this is going to be revolutionary. Can’t wait for the first event after this partnership.


Qantas Virtual is very happy to start this partnership with IFSIM, we hope to grow and help each other in the coming months :)


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