IFSIAVA - Infinite Flight Singapore Airlines Virtual

(Reopened topic: We are still active!)

Today, I present to all of you my new VA, Singapore Airlines! This would be a unique airline as it includes Silkair as well as other Singaporean based airlines :). I decided to schedule the VA to open on 1 May as Singapore Airlines was founded on the same day, in 1947! (It’s a coincidence that I thought of 1 May) haha

And yes, if anyone would be willing to help move my thread to “VA”, I’ll be extremely happy! (Thank you @Captain_DJ!)

Visit: http://ifsiava.weebly.com

Feedback, Questions and Suggestions (aka FQS) are welcome! And yes, I’d like to meet moar Singaporeans too!

Subsidiary VAs under IFSIAVA:

Our Partners:

Our Alliance:


Carson please DONNUT CLOSE this. We WILL be ACTIVE forever.

Good luck from United Virtual and Star Alliance!


Ayy this is still a thing!


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