IFSIAVA - Infinite Flight Singapore Airlines Virtual Airlines

#IFSIAVA - Infinite Flight Singapore Airlines Virtual Airlines

Hello and welcome to IFSIAVA, or Infinite Flight Singapore Airlines Virtual! We are a team of Singapore-based carriers, with 27 dedicated Infinite Flight players who deeply enjoy aviation.

#About Us
IFSIAVA was founded by Nathanael Tan (@NatIsrael972), a true “red” Singaporean, who was tired of the various “original SIA groups” and decided to run one himself as a native Singaporean.

We here at IFSIAVA strive to make IFSIAVA a great and fun place for Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike, to hang out together just to fly and enjoy what the FDS has done for us all.

IFSIAVA has been running since 1 May 2016.

Founder - Nathanael Tan (@NatIsrael972)

Head of SIA - Nathanael Tan (@NatIsrael972)
Head of SLK - Thomas Thuta (@Thomas_Thuta)
Head of TGW - Jay Oi (@Oi_Jun_Jie)
Head of SCO - Sean Peh (@sniperguy135)
Head of JSA - Bryan Ang
Head of RSAF - Nigel Eng

IFC Relations - Sean Peh (@sniperguy135 )
IFVARB Negotiator Representative - George Bry (@SingaporeAirlines)

#Our Fleet

Singapore Airlines:




Jetstar Asia:

Republic of Singapore Air Force:

  • F-14 (acting as Boeing F-15SG)
  • General Dynamics F-16C
  • Boeing 717-200 (acting as Gulfstream G550AEW)
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400 (acting as Fokker 50)
  • Airbus A340-600 (acting as KC-135R)
  • Airbus A330-300 (acting as KC-30A) [Aircraft has not entered the RSAF fleet in real life yet]
  • Cirrus SR22 GTS (acting as Pilatus PC-21)

.* Livery currently not in IF
^ Plane currently not in IF

#Partnerships and Alliance

SIA is currently partnered with:

  • Garuda Indonesia (GIA)
  • Malaysian Airlines (MAS)

RSAF is currently partnered with:

  • Infinite Flight Escort Services (IFES)

IFSIAVA is under Star Alliance — managed by @tranquil_skyflyer

If you wish to partner us, contact us here, or contact any of our staff via Facebook or the IFC!

#Want to join?

If you’re a Singaporean, look no further! Even if you’re not, all are welcome to sign up at our very own website, or contact any of our staff!

For more information like upcoming events and our routes, do visit ifsiava.weebly.com .

Wishing you a great way to fly, always,
The IFSIAVA team

(P.S. wow this is our third “main” thread :| )


On the behalf of everyone at Frontier VA, I wish you the best of luck. :)


Hi, any Facebook group for the VA?

@kohanson No, we do not. However, you may wish to contact us at our website !
You can also find out more at our website!


Wow this has to be one of the best VA’s I’ve ever seen! Best of luck!


Good luck SIA!

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Lol bit redundant name. Singapore airlines virtual airlines.


Its our name I guess so…
Deal with it…? B-)

I have done the online form but how will I know if I’m in the VA

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An admin will contact you via email and send you an invite to the Slack 😉


What is expected of me if I join? Do I have to serve the flying routes? I don’t have a live subscription now and mostly fly solo(787-10). Not a professional pilot but interested in flying!


You can join us from our website. We are still accepting members even though they don’t have Live Subscription at the moment 😊 (I’m one of them)

You can fly on any routes you want (Preferably, from Singapore). And you can participate some of the events such as Independence Day (9 August), SIA foundation’s day or Changi’s opening and many more!

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What advantages do I get joining VA? Sorry I’m a bit confused by this VA concept…><

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You can talkcocksingsong, Have a flight together with other available IFSIAVA Members, etc. If you are curious, why don’t you try this? I would like to see your opinion so we can improve our VA in the future

I don’t think I’ll be able to fly with other members without live subscription…

Yeah. but when you do, you can fly with us and participate in our VA’s events (incl. Star Alliance events). I only have subscription during June and December fyi

Hesitant to spend on the subscription, I enjoy flying solo now. :). Less pressure also as I don’t have to follow ATC? haha


Just a point, you should add the C130 to your fleet - the RSAF have many and you could use the generic AC livery.


Submitted my application!! :)


We would consider it with our Admins. Thanks for your request, Nelson 😊