IFSFG's & JetBlue's Precision Flight @ KFLG - 011400ZJUL17


Airport: KFLG La Guardia

Region: New York

Server: Casual

Aircraft: A320 JetBlue

Callsign: JetBlue Members: JBU callsign
IFSFG Members: IFSFG callsign
(If in both chose one of them)
Other Pilots: Jet Blue + what you want ;-)

Leading Aircraft: IFSFGCEO Ronny Martin (copy my flp)

Hello Everybody,

Today’s Event is all about precision!

IFSFG is honoured to create this Event for JetBlue VA!

Do you think you are a good pilot, respecting rules, who likes flying in a realistic way(well beside the flight route as Global isn’t released yet, sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️)? So come and show us what you can do ;-)

1) check in (by letting a comment below) and you’ll be assigned a gate

2) spawn 15min before start, at your gate

3) I’ll pushback first, taxi, take off and land
The pilot next to me then etc etc (please do it properly! No chaotic pushing back or taxiing and keep safe distance to the aircraft/s on the ground and in the air !!)


Take off and climbing:

-take off at 140kts, flaps 1 VS2500ftm and climb to 5000ft with a speed of 175kts (flaps 0 as soon as you reach 175Kts)…
-from FL050 to FL100:
-from FL100 to FL280:
-from FL280 to FL410:
0.78 M

as soon as you reach FL410, continue at this altitude 4min (11nm) long then start descending…

Descending and landing:

-from FL410 to FL280:
VS -1000
0.78 M
-from FL280 to FL240:
VS -1000
-from FL240 to FL100:
VS -3500
-from FL100 to FL050:
VS -1000
-from FL050 to FL025:
VS -800/-900
180kts(flaps 2) / 160kts(flaps3)
-from FL025 to touch down:
VS -800 (better doing a manual landing :-) )
137kts(flaps full/spoilers armed)

Touchdown at about 120/125kts

Taxi then properly to the gate next to the others and wait till the last has landed and parked to take some great screenshots!

(See below the screenshots for more details)

I hope to see you all at this event,
Have fun and make great screenshots :-)
And tell us your xp (screenshot of flight time and xp) so we can see who did best !!;)

//Ronny - IFSFG CEO
Instagram: ifsflygroup
IFSFG: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1630163327285061
JetBlue VA: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1278382692217357

Précisions to NOTAM:


Airport charts:


JetBlue VA is not authorized to have a presence or operate on the forum as has been stated multiple times by IFVARB administrators. Don’t try.