IFSFG presents a 2nd SWISS VA Recruitment Event @ EDDL - 051715ZMAY17

Server: Training

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EDDL

Time: 1715Z

Aircrafts: A319/A320 Swiss

Cruising Altitude/Speed: FL150/300kts

Welcome to this 2nd Swiss VA Recruitment Event created and hosted by @IFSFG


Spawn 10min before start, at your assigned gate.
Copy the flightplan from the leading aircraft @LX978 and pushback and taxi after him to take off at rwy23 (it may change if the winds require it;) ).
Heading to EBBR Brussels, you will be doing a first approach at rwy 07L/07R, or 25L / 25R (depending on your flp/thewinds) to do a go around just before reaching the rwy. Fly back to base to do a touch and go at the same rwy, than back to base again to land. Please use Unicom or communicate with ATC if available.

Parallel approaches/touch and goes/landings are required !:)

Please say it below if you wanna participate so we can assign you a gate.

To join the SWISS VA please contact @LX978 or register at swissairlinesvirtual.ml

Thank you for joining in advance,

//Ronny - IFSFG CEO
//@Zakariya_Zakariya - IFSFG COO
//@GalacticMoizKhan - EVENT MANAGER


(Perfect the Pattern - FLYING Magazine)


A4 Julien RI
A9 @Abhishek_Bhattachary
A10 @LX978 / Leading Aircraft
A12 @Isolt_Ilvermorny
A13 Stefan Engelhart
A15 Omar Farooq
A16 @Jurassicpark_1993

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Gate A12 please ! :)


Ok will be a nice event and very simple

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Gate A 16 please,c u guys there


C u there

Common join the event!

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can I have one gate please


Your gate A9! Have fun!

Is it so far clear for everyone what is the event about? Please don’t hesitate asking if not;-)

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Who are IFSFG? See you alot but don’t know who you are


Thanks for asking
A group which organises events/group flights
Have a look:

If you have farther questions just pm here or on messenger (Ronny Martin , same photo)
Would you like to attend at this event today?


who is swiss 402 on tower??

wouah wouah wouah…guys …:) it was nice, but let me tell you, if there is a tower or not, you need to let space between your front aircraft and you…and when i tell you to go around rwy 07 R/L, then you need to go back to base…at the beginning on final otherwise I need to tell you everytime “extend downwind” :)
but globaly it was ok…I think we need to practice all that! ;) if you have any question about pattern instructions, going around etc etc whatever, please contact me directly, or ask here:)

Thank you all for joining, I have few screenshots
Please share your screenshots here!



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Nice event! Thanks @RonnyMartin!
When someone wants to join contact me!
And visit our website. http://swissairlinesvirtual.ml

Kindly regards,
@LX978, Chief Pilot A320 Family by Swiss VA


I am looking forward for the next Swiss event😍 and I wish you all a nice day!

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have a nice day too ;) thank you!

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Is there a new Swiss event planned?

we will see;) be patient!

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Is that my landing? ?