IFSFG livery

hi devs could you add this livery for a flight group in which I am in
EDIT: IFSFG stands for Infinite Flight Simulator Flight Group…find us on Facebook to join!
here is the livery(sorry its not a great photo)

they dont make custom liverys for virtual airlines…


its not a virtual airline!

Regardless, as of late they aren’t creating user liveries.


I don’t think they would add liveries which don’t exist (minus the IF livery), or fan made ones. This would be because if they add just one fan made livery, the devs would get bombarded with requests to add others. It’s also unrealistic.


Hi, maybe you could add this to this post.

Essentially the Devs have previously said that they would not be adding custom liveries.

The idea of the game is that it is realistic, adding custom liveries just opens the flood gates for requests!


Besides that,
(This topic mainly goes just for the IFSFG team)
Why would they make a livery that applies to a single group or virtual airline when they have a fanbase of over 1500?


Whilst we understand there is interest from our users to have liveries for groups and virtual airlines, this isn’t something we can support at this time (i.e. making a livery for one group/VA would lead to hundreds of requests from others, taking time away from development of core aircraft/features).

Eventually, if custom liveries are supported, we would look into allowing the community to create these. Sorry!