IFSFG Event - Swiss VA in SoCal @ KSAN - 031730MAY17

Server: Casual

Region: SoCal

Airport: KSAN

Time: 1730Z


Aircraft: 777 Swiss International (only!)

Cruising Altitude/Soeed: 31000ft/0,83-0,84Mach

Welcome to this Event!

Swiss VA invites us to fly from KSAN to KEDW!

Spawn at your assigned Parking 10min before event start and copy the flightplan from IFSFGCEO.
Pushback and taxi properly to rwy 27(may change depending on winds) and take off quickly, almost without spacing, so that we can do cool screenshots.
Start spacing and descending at about 120nm from the landing airport!

Hope to see you all there!

For joining the Swiss VA, please contact @Isolt_Ilvermorny or register directly at http://swissairlinesvirtual.ml

//Ronny - @IFSFG CEO
//@Zakariya_Zakariya - IFSFG COO
//@GalacticMoizKhan - EVENT MANAGER

What’s the NOTAM for the event?


It’s gonna be good ! :)


Look up;-) @Gavin_Hertel

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Definitely I’ll join

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Will be a good event!

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Also does that not seem a bit high for a flight which is about 200nm?

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Thank you for seing it!:)

As about the altitude, I don’t think so, it could have been even around FL34max, regarding to my calculations. The distance is 235nm.
Thanks for asking

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See you guys there ✈


I’ll prepare the gates in the hour ;-)


35 Radhitya Dhaniswara
33 Jurassicpark_1993
23 Manuel Alejandro
27 Omar Farooq

29 Zack Bradfield
31 Julien RI
32 LX978
30 Matthieu Isolt_Ilvermorny, Swiss VA CEO
28 Ronny Martin / IFSFGCEO


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There are some emirates pilot?

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Not yet, tell them to check in here pls if you are in contact with them

Are all ready for the event?

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Sorry had requested a gate but been delayed getting home from work. Will have to pass tonight’s event.

I don’t see your request JOHN but thanks for your message. Cu soon

Please read the topic before to do a wrong thing during the flight

Follow me! Alll! Ok?

yes lx978 /swiss 118 goes first. then the others,
please copy my flp

speed up guys to catch us …then 0,83mach:)2 others joined us and we got 2 escort jets:) …;))