IFSC Summit 2.0 | Infinite Flight Reboot // Schedule List Announcement!

Welcome To The IFSC Summit. Rebooted.

The IFSC Summit is back! This time, we’re back with an Infinite Flight Edition competition. We’re also rebooted to disrupt the Infinite Flight events industry. What do we mean exactly?

We’ll be holding a 2 week summit taking place from June 19th to July 4th (Yes, U.S. Independence Day!). Have a look at the information below for the huge summit taking place in June 2020.

Summit Picture Competition:

The crown of the IFSC, we're well-known for our competitions. This time, we'll be hosting an Infinite Flight Spotting Competition. However, the catch is that it's Infinite Flight Edition! This means, we're searching for talented Infinite Flight picture takers & editors.

In order to join this competition, you must send a PM to your respective committee member:

Committee Member Letters (By your starting letter)
@ran A-G
@Speedbird_286 H-N
@Drummer O-U
@NathanD V-Z & Numbers

Now, some of you may be confused what the “Letters” section means. For example, if @ran were to participate, he would need to send a letter to @Drummer. This is because his first letter starts with R.

What should you add in your PM:

  • IFC Username
  • Infinite Flight picture

If you are among the 48 people participating, you will be notified by the committee member.

Summit Events:

This year, we’ve decided to go above & beyond by adding new events during our summit. How does this work? We’ll be partnering with VA/VOs & organizing group-flights & flyouts. These events will take place every day for the entire 2 weeks of the summit.


Partners Include
  • Aloha Virtual
  • ANA Virtual Group
  • Boeing Virtual
  • Etihad Virtual
  • Korean Air Virtual
  • Plane & Pilot

If you would like your VA/VO to participate as well, please contact @ran, @Drummer, @Speedbird_286 or @NathanD by 2020-06-05T19:00:00Z. Note that a partnership is not guaranteed as the entire events list has been made already.


We are not a VA/VO. We are an organization similar to IFMEB & this is not a VA/VO thread. This is our summit thread, similar to our earlier IFSC thread in #real-world-aviation:spotting.

Please note that at the time of posting, we are only open for competition signups. Summit event signups will begin on a later date in June.

Disclaimer: The IFSC team is not responsible for any damage to your aircraft or your statistics at our Infinite Flight events. By signing up in our events & competition, you acknowledge that the IFSC is not liable for any losses in this event. These are but not limited to the following: broken aircraft, bad WiFi connection, violations, injury to pilot, etc.


Hey, looking good! Just remember that Discord advertisements in threads are not allowed.

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Hmm… this should be valid. Let me get you all another link real quick

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Alright, we’ll remove that section.

If anyone would like the discord link, please request it from me (@ran).

Looks great, guys! Plane & Pilot is excited to be a part of this!


We’re very excited to have you too!


Sign up for the IFSC Infinite Flight Screenshot Competition!

48 spots. 3 categories. 3 winners.
IFSC 2.0 is here. Sign up before all spots are taken!

Reminder: Please make sure to PM the correct person. Otherwise, we may not be able to get your submission.


And we’re live! Our opening convention takes place on 19th June. This will be followed by the Plane & Pilot NYC Event on 20th June!

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It’s time.

19th June: 19JUN20 / 0000 & 0100Z - IFSC Summit 2.0 Convention @YSSY & @YMML

20th June: 20JUN20 / 1500Z - Plane & Pilot: Let's Fill New York City! @ KJFK, KLGA, and KEWR

27th June: 27JUN20 / 1900Z - ANA Virtual Group + EVA Virtual Corp. Opening Event @RJTT & @RCTP

Sign up for the events! It's definitely going to be fun :)

We’ve got events from 19th June - July 4th each & everyday.
We’ll be unloading our biggest event on July 4th. Stay tuned! :)

Sign up for the photo competition we’re holding!

You don’t want to miss it :)


I would like to submit a picture but I somehow just saw this thread… is it too late for me to submit 😬

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Not at all, in fact, we have very few pictures right now! Go ahead & send your pictures to me (@ran).

Bring your friends along as well! It would be great to finally get the competition running!

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IFSC Summit 2.0

It’s time to reveal the new list of events that will be taking place daily on the IFC from June 19th to July 4th! Here’s a list of events that will be taking place:

19th June: YSSY & YMML Opening Convention
20th June: Plane & Pilot Event: KJFK, KLGA, & KEWR
21st June: Sydney to Honolulu
22nd June: Hawaiian Island Hop with Aloha Virtual
23rd June: Anchorage Cargo Convention (Cargo VAs)
24th June: Anchorage to Paine Field (Boeing Virtual)
25th June: Vancouver to Toronto (WestJet Virtual)
26th June: Oshkosh Virtual Airshow
27th June: ANVA + EVC Opening Event
28th June: New York-JFK to London-Heathrow (BAVA)
29th June: London-Heathrow to Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Doha (ME3 + British Airways VA)
30th June: Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Doha to Bangkok (ME3 + Thai Virtual)
1st July: Bangkok to Seoul-Incheon (Korean Air Virtual)
2nd July: Explore Korea + Korea to Beijing-Capital (Korean Air Virtual)
3rd July: Beijing to ??? (Special Flight)
4th July: KSAN, KSFO, KLAX Independence Day Celebrations

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Wait, so do I PM the person and send them my pics?

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No, from now on, you can PM me instead. I’ll be sharing them with the rest of the group.

Ok thanks will do

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@NoahM 👀

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@ran how come the events listed above don’t all have links?

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We haven’t posted some of them yet (As the weekends are dates that are blocked very quickly) & many are group-flights as well. Don’t worry, all events will be there soon :)

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