IFSB - Infinite Flight Safety Board (Concept)

As you can tell by the title, you probably already know what this is gonna be about. It’s just an idea that popped into my head that I wanted to get out. Just like the NTSB, I think it would be cool if there was the IFSB, the Infinite Flight Safety Board. The IFSB could be made up of 30 professional pilots who are very experienced with flying all commercial aircraft on Infinite Flight. This will only be for the Advanced Server of course. We all know that the Advanced Server is only for experienced pilots who take flying seriously. There are rarely crashes. Sometimes maybe somebody had crashed because somebody in real life interfered with their flying, load was too heavy, ran off the runway on landing, etc.

So let’s say somebody crashes on Advanced. The IFSB identifies the user’s callsign, make a thread about it on a suggested category for the IF Community: Crashes, find out why he crashed, and comment on the thread again with the report.

This sounds kinda cool, but there are many things that need to happen, and many problems that need to be solved before this can even happen. To start, there is no way to track an aircraft on IF to see how the plane could’ve crashed. Second, there’s not even a way to tell if a plane has crashed. Third, people probably wouldn’t have the time to make a whole thread about this user crashing, and trying to find out why he/she did. Fourth, there aren’t enough reasons for a plane to crash at the moment. There are many threads suggesting that there should be failures that could happen while you’re flying. I suggest there should be more than one throttle, depending on what aircraft you’re flying. Also, yes, there should be different chances of failures happening depending on which server you’re on. The Free Flight server should have a 0% chance of a failure, and the ATC Playground and Advanced Server should have a 5 or 10% chance of a failure, just to be realistic. Now the fifth problem… People. If the IFSB does happen, people are gonna want to be in the spotlight. People would crash deliberately, which would be a big problem. The way to solve this would be a huge drop in standing. Once again, this drop in standing would vary on which server you crashed on. Free Flight would be a 0% drop, ATC Playground, 5%, and Advanced… 20%. This seems pretty harsh, but it’s the only way people would try not to crash.

I’ve been typing for a while now and I’m kinda tired, and it’s late… So please tell me if I missed any other problems or things that should be added and I’ll just edit it in there. The IFSB would be a cool idea I think, it would definitely make people take the Advanced Server more seriously. But honestly, Infinite Flight needs to develop a whole lot before anything like this can happen. This was just an idea I wanted to get off my chest, tell me what you think of it in the comments.



If you go on the playground, you’ll have to deal with 1000’s of fatalities/injuries a day.

You really up for that?


Lol… I know people crash a lot on the Playground… I guess there should be no penalty for crashing since users are coming from the Free Flight server. It was also just so people can take the Playground a little more serious too.

I know a lot of people that would join this ;)

Not me…

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Is it Advanced?

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According to that Nimrod, he has cost NASA crap loads of money by crashing a BSCA into a B744. It would of killed everyone instantly. Air India has requests to sue NASA, but they need YOU! it looks like ATC PG


Lol, the IFSB will only study crashes on the Advanced Server. Something like that wouldn’t be seen too often on Advanced.


The cause of the crash was the immense stupidity of the Boeing 747-100SCA pilot.


Guys the plane clearly had a malfunction 😂


The other 747 is just sitting on the runway. The SCA could’ve pulled up at the last second.

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Well, Free Flight will always stay the same. The ATC Playground is where all the noobs start to learn everything. Advanced is really the only server that matters.

Don’t really see this idea coming to reality, however, I do like the concept of losing a large percentage of standing when you crash.

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I wold say this isn’t such a great idea. Like Captain_DJ said, are you able to handle that much crashes per day?

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I don’t think crashes happen very often on Advanced. There’s probably gonna be like 2 crashes a day on Advanced, not a lot to handle. But like I said, this is only an idea I wanted to get off my chest, I don’t really see this happening either.

I like it! I’m in if you still fancy it!

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That was my screenshot of my just landing at KNUC when the ATC cleared that other aircraft to land😂😂😂😂😂 I wonder what you will make up for that one. The pilot was tiered? 😅

And it was on playground, obviously.