IFSA Week 7 - Jetstar Airbus A320

Tecnam2TA Here,

This week the IFSA aircraft of the week is the Jetstar Airbus A320.

Below are some simple guidelines you must follow:

  • You can only spot them from 2,000ft. or above.

  • You can’t ask a friend to fly the AOTW.

  • You have to spot another person in Live, it cannot be a screenshot of yourself!

Important: If you spot it, post a screenshot in this topic or on the topic linked below on our IFSA Official Forum.

You have a week to find it, let the spotting begin! Good luck :)



Ill fly with it later spot me :)

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No no no, not allowed

Why not man

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This is why

No he didn’t mean like that. It’s ok if someone flies and doesn’t tell you where they are or server details. He was just stating that he was going to be flying. If he actually told someone his exact location and set it up for someone to screenshot him, then that is prohibited. @g100m


Oh, okay :)


It’s a matter of honesty; and we will eventually pick up on the situation if someone is cheating or violating the guidelines. This is for fun, so I don’t see why someone would purposely go out of their way to find someone to screenshot in the first place. That defeats the whole purpose of having fun spotting. Also, that’s a lot of work, and in the end you wouldn’t have accomplished anything because you didn’t really spot it.

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