IFSA Week 6 - PanAm Boeing 747-200

@Tecnam2TA Here,

This week the IFSA aircraft of the week is the PanAm Boeing 742.

Obviously, rules apply as always!

  • You can only spot them from 2,000 ft. or above.

  • You can’t ask a friend to fly the AOTW.

  • You have to spot another person in Live, it cannot be a screenshot of yourself!

Important: If you spot it, post a screenshot in this topic or on the topic linked below on our IFSA Official Forum.

You have a week to find it, let the spotting begin!



On what server?

No specific server ;)

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@PlanesForLife What @The_simulation_nerd said :)
Any server.

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Carribean Region


Cleared Landing

@turkish534 You can’t take a screenshot of yourself flying. It has to be another person in live.


Hi, may I know how does this IFSA thing works?

On Region was another players, How can I it? Can only other player take Screenshots from me?

Yes sir, absolutely. Each week (or every other week) we announce an AOTW (aircraft of the week). You then have a week to spot another user in live flying the specified aircraft. If you happen to spot it, snap a screenshot (following the guidelines in the title) and post it under that week’s topic. To join IFSA as a full member (and not just a guest spotter), all you have to do is register an account with our forum (link below).


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You have to find another user in live using this week’s aircraft. Not yourself. When you find someone else flying this week’s aircraft of the week, then snap a screenshot of their plane.

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Alright, I understand how this spotting madness works now, thanks for explaining!

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Ahmmm ok Im understanding, thanks for your answer 👍🏼

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Great photo my Friend. 👍🏼

Great find!

Should this be moved to Events???

Definitely not. This has nothing to do with or relating to an event. Also, this doesn’t match #live:events guidelines.

@galip turkish 011


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Awesome! This time you did a perfect job! Well done.

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