IFSA - Infinite Flight Spotters Association

Greeting! Tecnam2TA here with the announcement of a unique and remodeled Infinite Flight group. IFSA (Spotters Association) is now open with all new activities, events, and spotting exercises that have been prepared to give you a remarkable aircraft spotting experience! From search missions and weekly spotting exercises, to landing and screenshot competitions, we have a lot of entertaining activities planned for our members!

Here is our story… A few months ago back in February, @Patrick_U decided he wanted to open a group that specialized in plane spotting in Infinite Flight. He talked to me about it and we made his idea come to reality. It lasted a little over a month, but people became “burned out” of the one and only activity we had at the time. We now have a completely new group that can’t be compared to a few months back.

We now bring you a new and very much improved IFSA experience. We currently have multiple events that are already planned.

We decided to create our own forum as our primary communication base, rather than a platform like Slack®.
To join, all you have to do is register an account to our forum. It will then guide you through the quick account setup process. Simple as that! No applications forms. Click register in the upper-right corner. We announce all of our events there.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask below. Happy spotting!

IFSA Official Forum

Link: http://ifsa.proboards.com/


Awesome! Looking forward to it

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Great! Thanks for taking interest. :)

Our first spotting exercise is here! Details are provided in the link below.

On behalf of @Tecnam2TA, I, MacGamer04, would like to announce the event for this week at IFSA! This week, your challenge as spotters is to take the best IF photo you can! Then, submit it via Direct Mesaage to either myself or @Tecnam2TA. The only rule is, you can’t edit the photo! At the end of the week, we will judge the photos and determine the winner! Thank you all for participating!

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