IFS/IFM are now merging!

As you all know, IFES (Infinite Flight Escort Services), IFM (Infinite Flight Military) are roaring through the sky. That being said, the team of IFES/IFM are pleased to announce a new segment: IFLS (Infinite Flight Live Security) or IFS (Infinite Flight Security)

Our goal: We are trying to make Infinite Flight Live Servers, a better place.

***Our Website:***You can visit us at: www.ifescortservices.wix.com/ifes

Our Plan: Our plan is to make sure no trolls, or violators fly on the Advanced Server and the Playground Server. We cannot deal with the Free Flight Server, because it is just for fun! This makes it safer and more relaxing for pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.

Our Staff:


Feel free to contact anyone of us via PM

Can I ask why this post is called “closed”?

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I would love it if you could change that to playground! :)

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I totally agree with you, BUT, there are 2 problems!

  1. We can’t do anything about it on the Playground! It’s people who are practicing for an “advanced” server!

  2. On the advanced server, we have people who can ghost others, so it would be more strict, unlike the playground, where we can’t ghost.

However, we do have an exception

  1. If we see any vialators on the PLAYGROUND server, then we report them. If we see people from the community who are violating, we PM them about the consequences!

I do agree with 1 and 2 but I get these moments where I am tower and there are planes that are flying everywhere and not following instructions and sometimes (happened to me today!) they just sit there on the runway and don’t move at all!

I think it’s fair to report those people! :)

Then they are just bafoons who don’t want to be on the Advanced. Period.

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Do you want to be a part of The Fleet (IFS/IFM/IFES) I am rather intrigued by your agreement!

I am already a IFES pilot and I would love to be part of IFS! :)

Excellent. So all you have to do is fill out a form, and then you’ll be set!

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I’ll fill the form out right now.

Um…about that…it’s not finished. Since IFS is new, we are Co-Running with IFM. In other words, we are a division of IFES/IFM, which is also a division of IFES

alright! I got really confused when I didn’t see a IFS form :)

It has come to my attention that you are no longer affiliated with IFES. Until IFES removed, this will remain unlisted.

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