IF's hardwork and the playerbase

I hope this is okay to post here

A growing issue in our playerbase has been going on for 20.1, people are now protesting at IF to release the update now, despite it being incomplete and/or buggy, or else, they will delete the app.

This type of behavior is really getting me on my nerves and I feel devastated of the reactions. IF is trying really hard to promote realism into the app and make the update perfect. I can understand from the others point of view of being impatient, everyday I wake up, the first thing I do is to check the Google Play Store only to see that there is no update but I would just continue waiting patiently. But should we react impatiently? The B777 is being reworked for a reason and it is time consuming to 3d model (cockpits, exterior, doors and engines), add working instruments and include new liveries. We should support IF because 1 year of development for an update means that they are putting on their best effort for us by continuing normal operations during the midst of COVID-19 and instead the playerbase seems to look like a crumbling society instead. 😔


Go for X-Plane, although when the update is released you will want to come back…


Don’t worry, they’ll come around when the update is pushed. There’s lots of exciting things in store to look forward to. Right now, the team is focused on pushing out the best content, not worrying about a few impatient customers.


Hey other Simulators can take years to update their game. We are so lucky to have Developers who regularly put in time and effort to provide us with the best possible experience. If they are threatening to delete the app because the update is not coming out fast enough for them, then maybe they aren’t the right people for this sim. They will be the same people complaining about bugs too


Developing is stressful. I do a bit of it myself. I’ve been working on a project for 3 years and it’s still nowhere near done. The IF team may not update the app as often as something like Xplane 11, and that’s because their resources are extremely limited with mobile. All things accounted for, the IF team is actually quite speedy with their updates.

This looks like it was from IG, so these people probably don’t know about the IFC and don’t realize the communication from the team happens as much as it does.


These people are just inpatient and they don’t appreciate the time it takes to produce the stuff that the devs create for us.

Some people think you can code something like VNAV in a couple of hours - well for those people - let me say you are very wrong.


That’s. The outside world who don’t know this community

They don’t know how hard the devs are at work

Okay, so I completely understand what they are saying, we were told about it ages ago, but they need to realise that each update needs so much time, work, effort put in to it. This update is huge and there are so many new things coming in 20.1, which means that there are so many new bugs coming in 20.1. And the staff have to work so hard to get these all sorted. Instead of moaning about how long it takes, we should be congratulating the staff for there hard work.

sorry about my angry rant lol


these are probably just kids. Annoying for everybody and especially for the IF team but there’s that, they won’t be a huge loss


If they joined the IFC I am sure they would not be saying that :)


That’s really annoying look at the devs they are not that big and don’t have high amounts of staff but yet people still complain we all understand how the dev team is working hard how to get bugs out of the game but people are like this

Hey! Over at X-Plane is being patient too. Testing the servers is a long process (next update). Just going somewhere different won’t solve the issue.

These people are childish and want things quickly. They don’t understand what ‘development’ means and thinks it takes two seconds to make. It’s all in the business, and how you deal with them. Most likely they won’t uninstall at all, it’s a pointless threat, as if they think that threatening that they’ll uninstall will bring the update out quicker.


Exactly. You are right.

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People will always be impatient. There are games out there that update almost every single day, yet people still are impatient.

Still, we should respect the opinion of these people. They have a point, this update has been in the works for a long time, and people will get impatient. We all probably are deep down. I know I am. 🙃

It will eventually come, we just have to hold out a little longer.


Give them the job of a dev for a while. Then they’ll learn how hard it is. They’re just inpatient 5 year olds that don’t understand a thing about what it takes to develop, announce and release an update/game. In all honesty, the update isn’t even playing on my mind that much. Like ye, I’m excited (obviously), but it’s not playing on my mind 24/7. Patients, people, patients 😂😂


Patience is a virtue, and all good things take time. Which of course is why this is taking a while ;)

Just hang in there! They should put themselves in the shoes of the devs, who work their socks off in order to make such an incredible sim!

Ignore them. It’s not worth it troubling yourself with such. For a big fan base like this one, there are always 1 or 2 , maybe hundreds(due to the large fan base) of irrational people who make comments based on emotions and not the reality.

In all honesty, the irony is that they would be the first to complain if they’re affected by bugs due to a rushed update. As I said, don’t let a few IG commenters stress you.

I don’t know why they are frustrated though. I respect their opinion, but they have to be more patient. I hope they’ll understand that a big update like the 20.1 update takes a lot of time.

Oh, and the people who complane and say “why u not add live cockpit and wing flex and gest tilt and tire smoke and clouds and 3d buildings and taxiway light and make better versions of the 717 737 747 757 767 777/ 787 1330 a340 a380 oh and all the planes hurry up with update plz now it is annoying i pay so many millions of dollars plz update”.
That is literally what people think you can code and debug in a matter of 20 minutes 😔and they don’t even bother to add any kind of punctuation so there comment makes NO sende at all.