IFS App Storage

Infinite flight taking this much storage is normal after downloading several liveries and other stuff right?

Delete it and redownload it and it goes down to about 3gb

This is completely normal. For example, my Infinite Flight is taking 19GB. 💀


Liveries and your flights since they record them and put them in replays


Wow! Looks like I’ll be there one day

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Mine is currently hovering on 15.3gb of space used, this is normal as time goes on


Thank you (10 characters)

Thank you a lot

My IF is 20 Go hehe

Yours only takes up 10 GB?


I often entirely clean Infinite Flight on my tablet but I don’t reinstall it, because reinstalling takes forever.

I started pro in August on/off and Wow, wasn’t expecting to see one this high I think you have the record

What kind of NASA computer iPad is that? 💀

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It’s the Pleiades Supercomputer! (iPad Pro 2021)

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Ah, that makes sense. Hopefully some day I’ll have one.

I wouldn’t call it so “super” anymore though considering all the app crashes I’ve been experiencing recently…

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