IFRUS - Russian Community

Good afternoon, dear pilots! Today I want to open a new community. I called it the IFRUS (Infinite Flight Russian Community). This will be only for players who know the Russian language.

^^ As you could see, we will use the discord as a chat.
Also I created a website where you can join us or write a message.

What we usually deal with:

•Training pilots

•Training dispatchers to

work in Russian and

foreign territories

•Conducting regular events​

•Training pilots

for entry into virtual


•We communicate

in Russian

on Discord chat

I hope that somebody from Russian players will read this message)

Thank you for attention


How would you train them to work in Russian, if they already know Russian? Sorta confused here.


Ignoring the fact that English is the ICAO control language for all international airports and potential diversion airports in the world.


Seems like a good idea but I think you’re ignoring the fact that all pilots must be able to speak English. Anyways I wish you the best of luck.


Other than that this is a pretty nice thing you got going on. If I was Russian I’d probably join. Good luck!

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I meant to train on Russian territory

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To begin with, I’ll tell you the basics, I will give examples in Russian and then translate into English training (maybe I will conclude a partnership with the English IFATC

Hey, I am Russian and speak Russian, I have a lot of knowledge as I fly in IVAO, so I think I’d like to join you

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Great initiative ! However I’m not sure if you can post a topic about that publicly (due to previous experience). Let’s check that with @moderators !


Hi, happy to see you! You can find the link to our discord server on our website

Nice idea but I’m not sure if there are that many Russians here.

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I’m not sure too ;-)

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IF Druz’ya, ya zhelayu vam udachi v vashey prekrasnoy initsiative. Goryachiye privetstviya, Maks.

(IF Friends, I wish you good fortune in your excellent initiative. Warm Regards, Max)


Thanks you! ☺️ спасибо! Good luck! удачи


This might be a dumb question… but I thought Russian ATC is done in Russian? (and in meters?)

Specifically referring to that Russian airspace is an exception in ATC

In Infinite Flight no. All pilots must use English

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MaxSez: ICAO prescribes English as the standard Language for international aerial operations. You will find as you World Travel that local languages are utilized at none B’s and non-Metro, and remote fields in some regions, In that case a translator may be available if your flight plan or craft registration number indicates an English speaking origin. Never had a problem with communications except in Central Africa.

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Great idea, this will hopefully make Infinite Flight more popular in Russia:-D

Wait - so you want Russians , who can only read Russian to read an English post?

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