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I was reading up on separation manuals when I came across a part that mentioned separate procedures for IFR and VFR flight. My question is, what is the difference between flying IFR and flying VFR? Thanks for the help!

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IFR - Instruments flight rules
VFR - Visual flight rules


So basically flying with autopilot vs. flying manually?

Heres a great website which was posted before on another thread which sums it up.

In short, its to do with the weather conditions. You fly IFR using your flight instruments when the Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) cannot be maintained. Basically flying through clouds or heavy fog. You fly VFR when VMC is maintained and you are in a sence flying visually because you have visilibity. I.e. Not flying through clouds. IFR is also mainly used at nights and some countries have also banned flying VFR at night.

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IFR is instrument flying and being provided ATC separation either non-radar or radar.

VFR is flying visually meaning the pilot is responsible for separation from traffic, terrain, and obstructions. You must maintain a certain distance from weather in order to maintain VFR.

Thatโ€™s a quick summary at least


No, when you fly IFR, your focus is on your instruments and communication with ATC (usually). When flying VFR, you fly 25% instruments and 75% visual.

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Do a little Googling for a more realistic answer ๐Ÿ™‚