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There may be another thread like thus but it’d be cool to know (quick reference style) where IMC conditions exist at any given time on the servers. Last night I was flying into Portland ME and it was beautiful IMC (swapped it over to daytime because the current graphics show runway lights through the fog/terrain for some reason).

I’ll update this when I run into IMC in an area without METAR or ATIS…maybe others will too, who knows. It makes for a really exciting approach sometimes, especially with a hefty crosswind component like last night.

The weather is updated every hour to resemble the realtime weather there. It’s probably easier if you just look on a website which displays weather. I use Aviation Weather Center (AWC) to look at the observations there.

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As @Adventures eluded to it pulls real world weather so real world sources should be accurate. If you look at a website called skyvector.com then go into layers, airmets, then check the boxes for instrument flight rules and perhaps mountain obscurantism as well it will show you all the areas with weather forecast to be below basic VFR minimums. Airmets are weather warnings given to us pilots by the aviation weather center to warn of potentially hazardous weather across a large area. Major caveat though is that in many of those cases it will be clouds, not visibility and that is all that is simulated in Infinite Flight.

Additionally I believe the airports in infinite flight will show as red or white if they are IFR or low IFR.

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A little windy and white knuckle but it’s currently at 2nm visibility with a low cloud deck. Completed my west to east globe circumnavigation this afternoon, starting and ending at my home airport of KBOS and the solid IMC on approach on landing was a great way to end it

Full route over the week KBOS-EGGL-VHHX-PHNL-KBOS

Also shoutout badbadweather.com, great place to find challenging conditions.


HOLY MOLEY, what a dream scenario flying into JFK tonight. Airspace was packed, ATC did a stellar job from Boston Center all the way to the gate and best of all, visibility and RVR were essentially nonexistent. Here are some screenshots

757 right underneath me…both of us enroute from Boston

The rest are replay screenshots since the workload got a bit huge on approach

In the soup on final

Still FIRMLY in the soup on short final with the approach lighting system being the first visual

Still managed to touchdown around 150fpm after hand flying from 1000’ AGL

What a night for IFR/IMC lovers at JFK ✌️

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