IFR Pattern Touch-and-go’s

What call-in’s does ATC expect when conducting touch-and-go’s in the IFR pattern. Downwind, Base, and Final calls really reflect VFR, plus IFR pattern altitudes are higher. What should I request from the controller, and how do I let him know I will vectoring to Final shortly?


Sorry but I don’t get your question . What do you request for ? You want to be remaining in the pattern ? With a FPL or what ?

Radar patterns? You can do them when approach is online. Assuming they are accepting radar patterns: request a normal departure with tower, after getting handed over to approach you request an approach at the airport you departed from, approach will then appropriately vector you and then you get handed back to tower. Keep traffic levels in mind, no approach controller is going to accept radar patterns (unless it’s a go around/missed approach) when it is busy


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