IFR, Follow RNAV, ILS and Departure charts! (@ KDEN, Closed)

Go around the Denver region following IFR approach and departure charts, some of they way points aren’t in if so I improvised on those key waypoints are there though. I’ve contacted an advanced controller to see if maybe we can get some ATC support. I hope every will enjoy it.

Advanced server


Cruising altitude FL280

Cruising speed 250+ Ktas

Aircraft type any regional jet

Implement holding patterns as Necessary

Here are the charts in order
KDEN departure

ASPEN approach holding point @DBL keep 10 mile spacing on approach full stop then taxi to 33.


KPUB approach touch and go spacing shouldn’t be an issue here.


KDEN ILS approach

not only Denver but at KASE as well…and just like you i had to improvise…thank you for highlighting this…

You going to come? I think this could be pretty fun or maybe control if we get enough people to come?

@Swang007 thanks

Hopefully if I don’t get a surprise for my bday I’ll try to make it

If it was playground, I could have provided ATC with charts ;) Quite new to controlling on IF so haven’t been able to get my advanced exam yet…

However, it would be a thousand times better with verbal ATC, as IF can’t replicate specific clearances etc…

@Mats_Edvin_Aaro I did it on the advanced server because pilots who fly there are serious and so is ATC. And didn’t want any trolls trying to control the flight.

Aha i see! Well when I pass my exam I will be available ;) I have extensive knowledge in SID’s/STAR’s, and just about every chart type available :P

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Don’t take offense to what I said. You not being a ATC Advanced controller as I’m not as well so I have to go to the playground to control can appreshiate why I didn’t want to do it there.

None taken :) I understand it! Cheers Brandon!

Come fly with us @Mats_Edvin_Aaro

I have a 40 degree celcius (106 degree farenheit) fever so I think I have to go to the hospital soon, sorry about that… I will join you another time! If you fly on VATSIM maybe we can meet there sometime ;)

Is this over