IFR flight planning QUESTION

Hi Guys i have an question.
I am stuck with making a flight plan like not stuck but I have a question.
Whenever when I make an flight plan on flight planner as IFR it doesn’t add the real life departures routes for that specific runway and also for approach do I need to add them by my self or how can I fix this

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You can add them yourself manually by typing them into the search bar, then click enter.

Ahh ok thanks

You can either add them one by one by searching for them, or just copy and paste your entire FPL with all the waypoints into the search bar.

Ah ok and then just add the departure sid’s and approach sid’s?

Not the SID/STAR name but the individual waypoints on the SID/STAR. Infinite Flight hasn’t implemented the ability to automatically propagate a FPL with the necessary waypoints after entering a SID/STAR name into the FPL.

If you use fpltoif.com then not only are all waypoints in “IF Friendly” format, but also you can add in the STAR and SID.


Thanks man! Thanks a lot!

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