IFR Flight Livermore to Monterey

I flew from Livermore to Monterey using the OAK, MOD and SNS VOR’s.

The route was specified in the FAA’s database of TEC routes, which contains the preferred routes between airports in the US.

I used SkyVector to get the departure and arrival procedures.


I sped up sections of the flight where not much was happening, but during those sections I also brought in other resources which is a little distracting. Lesson learned, keep the screen quiet during times when I will speed up the video.

Notice that whenever I’m finished with one radio, I immediately set it up for the next leg or section in the flight. I like to stay well ahead in the flight.


Thanks for taking the time out to make this tutorial. Definitely clears some of my doubts about VOR navigation. Keep it coming, Gary!

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One of the best routes in all of NorCal! Looking forward to flying this for real in the spring.


Dear, that was a perfect flight like I aim to. May you tell us what are the addons you have to store the maps and FPL during the flight? what are those windows you flip to? it is perfect to keep all infos close during your flight. Each time I want to look at a map, i need to pause, but you not!!! That is what i need!

Many thanks by advance.

Airfrance 7640

I live very close to KLVK!

I lived in Livermore, Hayward and Fremont.
In the Sierras now.

Good stuff Gary. Love to see GA flight!

That’s cool I live in the bay area too!!

I live past the mountains on the east bay but to the west of Livermore

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Oh I live in the tri valley

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