[IFR Clearance] ATC

In infinite flight our first ATC instruction is to pushback and taxi, but if IFR clearence was brought into the game the ATC and players would know where there going, what altitude there flying at. It gives a sense of professional ATC.
It would become the first ATC call of the day. Ideas:

  • Ground, Tower & Center have access to giving IFR clearence

  • Pilot: (Flight…) Requesting IFR clearence to … Ready to copy.
  • For this to work, make sure the user has added the airport to the flight plan.

  • ATC read back: (Flight…) you are cleared to …, fly runway heading, climb and maintain …, contact ground for pushback when ready.
  • Inside the clearence section the ATC would need to select the altitude which they would “climb and maintain”.
  • If the ATC a is Center the ending part would be {, contact center for approach instructions when ready.}

  • All this info could now be displayed on the Aircrafts bar, on the ATC a control page.
  • Pilot Readback: (flight…) is cleared to …, fly runway heading, climb and maintain …, contacting ground for pushback shortly.
  • Also as said before if it is Center: {, contacting Center for approach instructions}

  • ATC: Readback correct ( flight…)!
    How ever you guys like this tell me now if there’s some things here you’d change in the text or if you have better ideas!

Something I’ve wanted for a loooong time! IFR Clearance is my favorite ATC command IRl :) Love for this feature to be added!

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Don’t start a category war. This is supposed to be in features. Don’t change it.

I moved to features few minutes ago

IFR Clearances are for the girls! How about a VFR Clearance as well for the real guys! Go a step further issue Squawk Codes! I Lov #1200
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If people would notice that Infinite flight isn’t as surfisticated as FSX, squawk codes in infinite flight aren’t gunna happen just yet, keep with the basics like my post.
I do realise I didn’t add “squawk …, contact ground when ready.” Because that’s just another ATC tower they have to create for each airport. A better way of configuring this is by keeping it simple with the ground control, tower and Center.

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Yes, this is a necropost (607 days, to be exact), but this feature is often overlooked. With Global (and long distance IFR flights with it) coming, this sort of feature would be extremely handy and realistic for use on Live, because what’s an IFR flight without IFR clearance?

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A little edit, when the controller is handing the pilot over to another frequency they must give the frequency code over to the pilot, e.g. (Callsign) when at holding point (Lima for example) contact tower on 118.3, bye bye now. That’s how it is done in the real world


That’s a little too much of IF. We have to simplify things here. A clearance delivery freq. on the expert service to make sure people make flight plans would be cool.