IFR clearance and aircraft identification

Would it be possible if Infinite flight ATC had IFR clearance and when calling ATC, you would say the aircraft type instead of calling the tail numbers first.

For your first question, I saw that idea brought up a couple of times ago, it might come in the future, but that would be a very complex feature and would probably take a while to come.

For your second question, that wouldn’t really make sense as IRL they also say their callsign not their aircraft type when calling atc, only for certain things, like clearance or pushback really.

Sometimes at echo airfield they would say like Cessna N216MO taxiing to runway 33 with north departure and for when they call atc like for the Cessna citation you would say Burbank ground Citation N34AM requesting IFR clearance to Falcon Field then they would say the clearance squak 0441 then you would read back what they said then they would say contact ground after you listen to ATIS then after that you taxi out from the FOB to the runway they tell you then when on hold at the runway you would say Burbank tower Citation N34AM ready for takeoff at runway 8 then they would say Citation N34AM line up and wait then you repeat back then they would say Citation N34AM clear for takeoff

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