IFR approach too easy

i have found recently when conduction approaches that is it a bit too easy to do. you can usually see the runway lights several miles out, instead of whatever the posted ground visibility is ( 1/2 mile, 1 mile ect.) wondering if this will in due time me more similar to a real life approach, meaning if there is a posted RVR in the METAR, i wont be seeing runway lights 5 miles away.


This is a bit off topic, but have you tried doing an approach into KSEA in LIFR? That’s when IFR gets real for me. I can’t see the runway until minimums and I have to keep looking at the external view to make sure that I’m not upside down lol. To get back on your topic though, I would imagine this feature will come with time, but more live weather would mean more data usage to stream all of the information to your device. However, this is a question I can’t answer, as I’m not part of IF’s staff. Maybe a mod or a developer could answer this :)


The same thing happens with the wind. The airport weather doesn’t “kick in” until almost at the runway, if it changes at all. I’ve had a few times where visibility was not as low as it should have been when I landed, and recently I landed with a 13kt tail/crosswind when it should have been a 4kt direct crosswind. I think it is just a slow reaction by the servers as not to be too abrupt and/or take too much data, but obviously I am not a mod either and wouldn’t know


ill definately try those two airports!!

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I hate how IF doesn’t use cloud layer so an airport may be LIFR but the visibility is 5 so it’s VFR in IF

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